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Academic Areas: Power Electronics

Research Interests:

Bangyin Liu received the B.S.,M.S.,and Ph.D.degrees in Electrical Engineering from Huazhong University of Science and Technology(HUST),Wuhan,China,in 2001,2004,and 2008,respectively.He is an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,HUST.His current research interests include renewable energy applications,power quality and power electronics applied to power system.He has published more 60 papers in the leading scholarly journals and topcon ference proceeding sin Power Electronics.He holds 4 Chinese patents.He is a Member of The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(IEEE).

Academic Degrees Electrical Engineering,2008,Huazhong University of Science and Technology,Wuhan,China Electrical Engineering,2004,Huazhong University of Science and Technology,Wuhan,China Electrical Engineering,2001,Huazhong University of Science and Technology,Wuhan,China

Professional Experience

Associate Professor(2013-present);School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Assistant Professor(2010-2013);School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Post doctoral Fellow(2008-2010);School of Control Science and Engineering,Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Selected Publications

  1. Bangyin Liu,Shanxu Duan and Tao Cai,“Photo voltaic DC Building Module Based BIPV System–Concept and Design Considerations,”IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics,vol.26,no.5,May 2011,pp.1418-1429
  2. Wen Cai,Bangyin Liu,Shanxu Duan and Ling Jiang,“An Active Low-Frequency Ripple Control Method based on the Virtual Capacitor Concept for BIPV systems,”IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics,vol.29,no.4,May2014,pp.1733-1744
  3. Zhao Liu,Bangyin Liu,Shanxu Duan and YongKang,“A Novel DC Capacitor Voltage Balance Control Method for Cascade Multilevel STATCOM,”IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics,vol.27,no.1,January 2012,pp.14-27
  4. Yanjun Shi,Bangyin Liu and Shanxu Duan,“Eliminating DC Current Injection in Current-Transformer-sensed STATCOMs,”IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics,vol.28,no.8,August2013,pp.3760-3767
  5. Changyue Zou,Bangyin Liu,Shanxu Duan and RuiLi,“Stationary Frame Equivalent Model of Proportional-Integral Controller in dq Synchronous Frame,”IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics,vol.29,no.9,September 2014,pp.4461-4465
  6. Changsong Chen,Shanxu Duan,Tao Cai,Bangyin Liu and Guozhen Hu,“Optimal Allocation and Economic Analysis of Energy Storage System in Microgrids,”IEEETransactionsonPowerElectronics,vol.26,no.10,October2011,pp.2762-2773
  7. Fangrui Liu,Shanxu Duan,Fei Liu,Bangyin Liu and Yong Kang,“A Variable Step Size INCMPPT Method for PV Systems,”IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics,vol.55,no.7,July 2008,pp.2622-2628
  8. Fei Liu,Yan Zhou,Shanxu Duan,Jinjun Yin,Bangyin Liu and Fangrui Liu,“Parameter-designofatwo-current-loop controller inagrid-connected inverter system with LCL filter,”IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics,vol.56,no.11,November 2009,pp.4483-4491
  9. Rui Li,Bangyin Liu,Shanxu Duan,Changyue Zou,and Ling Jiang,“Analysis and Suppression of Aliasin Digital Controlled Inverters,”IEEE Transactionson Industrial Informatics,vol.10,no.1,February 2014,pp.655-665
  10. Wen Cai,Bangyin Liu,Shanxu Duan and Changyue Zou,“An Islanding Detection Method based on Dual-Frequency Harmonic Current Injection under Grid Impedance Unbalanced Condition,”IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics,vol.9,no.2,May2013,pp.1178-1187
  11. Jinjun Yin,Shanxu Duan and Bangyin Liu,“Stability Analysis of Grid-Connected Inverter with LCL Filter Adopting A Digital Single-Loop Controller with Inherent Damping Characteristic,”IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics,vol.9,no.2,May 2013,pp.1104-1112
  12. Changyue Zou,Bangyin Liu,Shanxu Duan and Rui Li,“Influence of Delay on System Stability and Delay Optimization of Grid-Connected Inverters with LCL Filter,”IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics,vol.10,no.3,August 2014,pp.1775-1784
  13. Wen Cai,Ling Jiang,Bangyin Liu,Shanxu Duan and Changyue Zou,“A Power Decoupling Method based on Four-SwitchThree-PortDC/DC/ACConverter in DC Microgrid,”IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications,(InPress)
  14. Bangyin Liu,Shanxu Duan and Tao Cai,“Modeling and Coordinate Control of Photovoltaic DC Building Module Based BIPV System,”Solar Energy,vol.86(2012),January 2012,pp.482-488
  15. Bangyin Liu and Shanxu Duan,“Energy efficiency evaluation of building integrated photo voltaic systems with different power configurations,”Simulation Modeling Practice and Theory,vol.29(2012),December 2012,pp.93-108
  16. Yanjun Shi,Bangyin Liu and Shanxu Duan,“Simple TRIA Cdimmable LED driving solution freeoflargepassiveinputfilter,DCbuscapacitororbleedingresistor,”Electronics Letters,vol.48,no.13,June 2012,pp.760-762
  17. Changsong Chen,Shanxu Duan,Tao Cai and Bangyin Liu,“Online 24-h solar power for ecasting based on weather type classification using artificial neural network”Solar Energy,vol.85(2011),November 2011,pp.2856-2870
  18. Changsong Chen,Shanxu Duan,Tao Cai,Bangyin Liu and Guozhen Hu,“Smart Energy Management System for Optimal Microgrid Economic Operation,”IET Renewable Power Generation,vol.5,no.3,May 2011,pp.258-267
  19. Tao Cai,Shanxu Duan,Bangyin Liu,Fangrui Liu and Changsong Chen,“Real-Valued MUSI Calgorithm for Power Harmonics and Interharmonics Estimation,”International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications,vol.39,no.10,October 2011,pp.1023-1035

Awards and Honors

The Excellent Projects Award,2013,The Committee of National Natural Science Foundation of China. 

The Advisor for the Excellent Bachelor’s Dissertation,2010,Hubei Province.

The Excellent Advisor for the Multidisciplinary Contest of Undergraduates,2010,Huazhong University of Science and Technology

The Excellent Master’s Dissertation Award,2005,Hubei Province.

The Excellent Paper Award,2005,The 15th Conference of China Power Supply Society.

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