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Academic Areas: Electrical Engineering

Research Interests:

Dr.Lei Lin was born in 1980.He received the B.S. degree,the M.S. degree and Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Huazhong University of Science and Technology(HUST),Wuhan,China,in 2001,20004,and 2007, respectively.

Dr.Lin has been engaged in the teaching and research in the field of power electronics from 2007 in HUST. He has been an associate professor since 2010 in HUST. His research interests focus on AC to DC or DC to AC high power converter,MM Cconverter,high-voltage capacit or charging power supply,motor drivesy stem and the related control techniques.He has published over 20 technical papers.Currently,he is member of IEEE,associate director of youth working committee of china power supply society,and branch secretary of department of power electronics.

Academic Degrees

Phd in Electrical Engineering,School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,2007,HUST.

Master in Power Electronics and Electric Drive,School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,2004,HUST.

Bachelor in Electrical Engineering and Its Automation,School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,2001,HUST.

Professional Experience

Associate Professor(2010-present);School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,HUST,

Lecture(2009-2010);School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,HUST,

Postdoctoral Fellow(2007-2009);School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,HUST,

Selected Publications

Lei Lin,Yunping Zou,Jie Zhang,Xudong Zou.Digital implementation of diode-clampedthree-phasethree-level SVPW Proc.IEEE-PEDS,Singapore,2003,1413-1417.

Lei Lin,Yunping Zou,ZhanWang,Hongyuan Jin.A Simple Neutral-point Voltage Balancing Control Method for Three-level NPCPWMVSI Proc.IEEE-IEMDC,San Antonio,TX,United States,2005,823-883.

Lei Lin,Yunping Zou,ZhanWang,Hongyuan Jin.Modeling and Control of Neutral-point Voltage Balancing Proble min Three-level NPCPWM Proc.IEEE-PESC,Recife,Brazil,2005,861-866.

Lei Lin,Heqing Zhong,Jie Zhang,Yu Deng,Yunping Zou.A Three-level Induction Motors DTC Algorithm Basedon Fixed  Synthesizing Vectors with Reduced Fluxand Torque Ripples.inProc.IEEE-ICEMS,Wuhan, China,2008,1359-1364.

Lei Lin,Heqing Zhong,Yu Deng,Jie Zhang,Yunping Zou,Xu She.ADTC Algorithm for Three-level Induction Motor Drives System Based on Discrete Space Vector Proc.IEEE-APEC, Washington,DC, USA,2009,1978-1983.

Lei Lin,Heqing Zhong,Yu Deng,Jie Zhang,Yunping Zou,Xu She.A Study of Dual-loop Control Scheme and Corresponding Neutral-point Voltage Balance Control Method for Three-level PWM Proc.IEEE-APEC,Washington,DC,USA,2009,1909-1914.

Lei Lin,Heqing Zhong,Yu Deng,Xiaolong Zhang,Yunping Zou.Research on Resonant Parameters Design Method of Series-parallel Resonant Proc.IEEE-IPEMC,Wuhan,China,2009,561-565.

Lei Lin,Heqing Zhong,Yu Deng,Analysis and Design of Voltage Maintaining Method for Series Resonant Capacitor Charging Power Proc.IEEE-APEC2014,3249-3254.

Lei Lin,Heqing Zhong,Yu Deng,Analysis,Design and Implementation of Phase-Shifted Series Resonant High-Voltage Capacitor Charging Power Supply and Its Fuzzy Logic Proc.IEEE-ECCE2014,884-891.

Awards and Honors

Scientific and Technical Progress Reward of Ministry of Education of China,Second Prize

Courses Taught

Automatic Control Theory for undergraduate student

Research on High-voltage High-power Converter and Its Application for graduate student

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