Associate Professor

Phone: 86-27-87558427-317


Academic Areas: advanced technologies for batter management system

Research Interests:

Academic Degrees

2000.9-2004.8 Institute for Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence,HUST

         PhD in Control Science&Engineering-Pattern Recognition/Computer Vision

Advisor:Prof.Dehua Li

1997.9-2000.6 College of Traffic Science and Engineering,HUST

         MSc in Marine Engineering-Control of Autonomous Underwater Manipulator

Advisor:Prof.Guohua Xu

1993.9-1997.6 Department of Naval Architecture&Ocean Engineering,HUST

         BSc in Applied Electronics-Power Electronics and ElectricDrive

Professional Experience

2009.12-College of Electrical&Electronic Engineering,HUST

         Lecturer and Associate professor in Department of Applied Electronics Engineering

2006.11-2009.11 College of Electrical&Electronic Engineering,HUST

Postdoctoral researcher,under the supervision of Professor Shanxu Duan,working on the topic“Power Harmonics Analysis Methods used for Microgrid’s Power Quality Monitoring”.

2004.9-2006.11 College of Traffic Science and Engineering,HUST

         Lecturer in Department of Marine Engineering

Selected Publications

Fang Zhijian,Cai Tao,Duan Shanxu,Chen Changsong and Ren Chengda.Performance Analysis and Capacitor Design of Three-Phase Uncontrolled Rectifierin Slightly Unbalanced Grid.IET Power Electronics(Accept).

Fang Zhijian,Cai Tao,Duan Shanxu and Chen Changsong.Optimal Design Methodology for LLC Resonant Converterin Battery Charging Applications Based on Time-Weighted Average Efficiency.IEEE Transactionson Power Electronics,2015,30(10):5469-5482

Dai Qian,Cai Tao,Duan Shanxu,Zhao Feng.Stochastic Modeling and Forecasting of Load Demand for Electric Bus Battery Swap Station.IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery,2014,29(4),:1909-1916

Dai Qian,Duan Shanxu,Cai Tao,Chen Changsong.Plug-in electric vehicles as dispersed energy storage interactions with a smart office building.Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy,2013,5(2):021417

Cai Tao,Duan Shanxu,Ren Ting,Liu Fangrui.Arobust parametric method for power harmonice stimation based on M-Estimators.Measurement:Journal of the International Measurement Confederation.2010,43(1):67-77

Tao Cai,Shan-xu Duan,Bang-yin Liu,Fang-rui Liu and Chang-song Chen.Real-Valued MUSI Calgorithm for Power Harmonics and Interharmonics Estimation.International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications, 2011,39:1023-1035.

Cai Tao,Duan Shanxu,Chen Changsong.Forecasting power output for grid-connected photo voltaic power system without using solar radiation measurement.2010 2nd International SymposiumonPower Electronics for Distributed Generation Systems,(PEDG).2010:773-777

Cai Tao,Duan Shanxu,and Liu Bangying.Arobust parametric method for power harmonice stimation based on M-Estimators.IEEE 6th International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference, Wuhan, China,2009:2501-2506.

Cai Tao,Duan Shanxu,and Chen Changsong.An efficient frequency and amplitude tracking method forreal-time power quality monitoring.IEEE 6th International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference, Wuhan,China,2009:2459-2463

Courses Taught

131.512:Digital Signal Processing(Postgraduates)

0800452:Signals and Systems(Undergraduate)

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