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Academic Areas: Renewable-energy-based DG systems

Research Interests:

Duan Shanxu was born in Hubei Province,China,in 1970.He received the, and in Electrical Engineering from Huazhong University of Science and Technology(HUST)in 1991,1994 and 1999 respectively.

He worked in HUST as an assistant professor from 1991 at College of Naval Architecture&Ocean Engineering,Huazhong University of Science and Technology(HUST).He became a lecturer and associate professor in 1996 and 2000 respectively.Since 2004,he has been a professor and PHD student supervisor in the College of Electrical and Electronics Engineering(CEEE),HUST.From 2000,he worked as sub-dean of Department of Applied Electronic Engineering in CEEE.Later he was the dean of the Department of Applied Electronic Engineering and Key Laboratory of Power Electronic and Energy Management of ships of the Ministry of Education until 2009.His research interests include renewable-energy-based DG systems,parallel operation of powerel ectronicsc on verters,electrical energy conversion equipments on advanced ships and power quality management.

He has authored andc o-authored 2 books and published over 180 technical papers in journals and conferences.He holds 7 Chinese patents.

Academic Degrees

PhD in Electrical Engineering–Power Electronics and Electrial Drive

MSc in Electrical Engineering-Power Electronics and Electrial Drive

BSc in Applied Electronics-Power Electronics and Electrial Drive

Professional Experience

Full Professor(2004.12-)and Doctoral Supervisor(2005.6-),School of Electrical&Electronic Engineering

Associate Professor(2000.5-2004.12),School of Electrical&Electronic Engineering

Lecturer(1999.3-2000.5),Department of Electrical Engineering

Lecturer(1996.7-1999.3),College of Traffic Science and Engineering

Teaching Assistant(1991.6-1996.6),Department of Ship and Ocean Engineering

Selected Publications


Duan Shanxu and Parallel Operation Control Technology for Distributed Modular Inverters.ISBN 978-7-121-21451-6,Publishing House of Electronics Industry,2013

Yang Yinfu,Duan Shanxu and Chao Zeyun.Power electronic devices and systems.ISBN7302123861,Tsinghua University Press,2006


Fang Zhijian,Cai Tao,Duan Shanxu,Chen Changsong and Ren Chengda.Performance Analysis and Capacitor Design of Three-Phase Uncontrolled Rectifierin Slightly Unbalanced Grid.IET Power Electronics(Accept).

Fang Zhijian,Cai Tao,Duan Shanxu and Chen Changsong.Optimal Design Methodology for LLC Resonant Converterin Battery Charging Applications Based on Time-Weighted Average Efficiency.IEEE Transactionson Power Electronics,2015,30(10):5469-5482

Dai Qian,Cai Tao,Duan Shanxu,Zhao Feng.Stochastic Modeling and Forecasting of Load Demand for Electric Bus Battery Swap Station.IEEE Transactionson Power Delivery,2014,29(4),:1909-1916

Wen Cai,Bangyin Liu,Shanxu Duan and Changyue Zou.An Islanding Detection Method based on Dual-Frequency Harmonic Current Injection under Grid Impedance Unbalanced Condition.IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics,2013,9(2):1178-1187

Dai Qian,Duan Shanxu,Cai Tao,Chen Changsong.Plug-in electric vehicles as dispersed energy storage interactions with a smart off ice building.Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy,2013,5(2):021417

Yanjun Shi,Bangyin Liu and Shanxu Duan.Eliminating DC Current Injection in Current-Transformer-sensed STATCOMs.IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics,2013,28(8):3706-3767

Liangzong He,Shanxu Duan and Fangzheng Peng,Safe-Commutation Strategy for the Novel Family of Quasi-Z-Source AC-AC Converter.IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics,2014,9(3):1538-1547

Jinjun Yin,Shanxu Duan and Bangyin Liu.Stability Analysis of Grid-Connected Inverter with LCL Filter Adopting A Digital Single-Loop Controller with Inherent Damping Characteristic.IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics,2013,9(2):1104-1112.

Zhao Liu,Bangyin Liu,Shanxu Duan,Yong Kang.A Novel DC Capacitor Voltage Balance Control Method for Cascade Multilevel STATCOM.IEEE Transactionson Power Electronics.2012,27(1):14-27

Bangyin Liu,Shanxu Duan and Tao Cai.Photo voltaic DC Building Module Based BIPV System-Concept and Design Considerations.IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics.2011,26(5):1418-1429

Changsong Chen,Shanxu Duan,Tao Cai,Bangyin Liu,Guozhen Hu.Optimalal location and economic analysis of energy storage system in microgrids.IEEE Transactionson Power Electronics,2011,26(10):2762-2773

Fei Liu,Yan Zhou,Shanxu Duan,Jinjun Yin,Bangyin Liu,Fangrui Liu.Parameter-design of a two-current-loop controller in a grid-connected inverter system with LCL filter..IEEE Trans.Industrial Electronics.2009,56(11):4483-4491

Awards and Honors



Council member of Chinese Power Electronics Society,2008

“The Chinese New Century Excellent Talents”,2007

Awarded 2 Provincial and ministry second-class awards

Awarded 2 Provincial and ministry third-class awards

Awarded 3 Municipal first-class awards

Courses Taught

131.806:Application of Power Electronics in Distributed Generation(Postgraduates)

0800452:Power Electronics(Undergraduate)

080773:Power Electronic Devices and Systems(Undergraduate)

0818851:Introduction to Electrical Engineering(Undergraduate)

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