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Academic Areas: Power Systems

Research Interests:

Xiangning Lin,a Professor at Huazhong university of Science and technology.He has been engaged in the research on security defense of power systems for many years.His research fields cover power system analysis,protective relaying and automatic control,fault simulation and state monitoring.He proposed the novel concept of "ultra-saturation",which strengthened the theoretical system of magnetic in rush analysis.He integrated the techniques of protection and control with modern signal processing such as wave lettrans form,mathematical morphology and correlation analysis,intelligent algorithms,and promoted their applications in many aspects of power systems.He achieved innovative outcomes in the field of new types of power generation and power grids.He published over 200 papers,among which,29 papers were published on IEEE Transactions.

Academic Degrees

PhD in Electrical Engineering,1999,Huazhong University of Science and Technology;

M.E in automation of power systems,1996,Huazhong University of Science and Technology;

B.E in automation of power systems,1993,Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Professional Experience

At Huazhong University of Science and Technology since 2003.School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electrical Engineering,Professor(2005-present);School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Associate Professor(2003-2005);School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

At Virginia Tech,USA,(2007-2008),Visiting Scholar.

ALSTOM BOND Engineer,Stafford,UK,2002~2003

Selected Publications

Xiangning Lin,Feng Zhao,Yan Gao,Effective over voltage source identification scheme for machines working in parallel,IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion,27(4),pp938-947,2012/12.

Lin,Xiangning,Huang,Jingguang,Ke,Shuohao,Faulty Feeder Detection and Fault Self-Extinguishing by Adaptive Petersen Coil Control,IEEE Transactionson Power Delivery,26(2),pp1290-1291,2011/4.

Lin,Xiangning,Ke,Shuohao,Li,Zhengtian,Weng,Hanli,Han,Xionghui,A Fault Diagnosis Method of Power Systems Based on Improved Objective Function and Genetic Algorithm-TabuSearch,IEEE Transactionson Power Delivery,25(3),pp1268-1274,2010/7/7.

Xiangning Lin,Hanli Weng,Bin Wang,Identification of Cross-Country Fault of Power Transformer for Fast Unblocking of Differential Protection,IEEE Transactionson Power Delivery,24(3),pp1079-1086,2009/7

Lin,Xiangning,Weng,Hanli,Zou,Qing,Liu,Pei,The frequency closed-loop control strategy of is landed power systems,IEEE Transactions on Power Systems,23(2),pp796-803,2008/5.

Xiangning Lin,Hanli Weng,Pei Liu,Bin Wang,Zhiqian Bo,Analysis of asort of unusual mal-operation of transformer differential protection duetoremoval of external fault,IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery,23(3),pp1374-1379,2008/7.

Gao,Yan,Lin,Xiangning,Tian,Qing,Liu,Pei,Nove lidentification method of stator single phase-to-ground fault for cable-wound generators,IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion,23(2),pp349-357,2008/6/6.

Lin,Xiangning,Gao,Yan,Liu,Pei,A novel scheme to identify symmetrical fault soccurring during power swings,IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery,23(1),pp73-78,2008/1/1.

Lin,Xiangning,Liu,Haifeng,Weng,Hanli,Liu,Pei,Wang,Bin,Bo,ZhiqianQ.,Adual-window transient energy ratio-based adaptive single-phase reclosure criterion for EHV transmission line,IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery,22(4),pp2080-2086,2007/10/10.

Weng,Hanli,Lin,Xiangning,Liu,Pei,Studies on the operation behavior of differential protection during aloaded transformer energization, IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery,22(3),pp1386-1391,2007/7

XiangningLin,QingTian,YanGao,PeiLiu,Studies on the internal fault Simulations of a high-voltage cable-wound generator,IEEE Transactionson Energy Conversion,22(2),pp240-249,2007/6.

Courses Taught

Power System Analysis

Modern Control Theory

Defense of Large-scale Power Grids

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