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Academic Areas: Electric engineering

Research Interests:

A scientist,Yuan Xiaoming is the professor of Electrical Engineering in Huazhong University of Science&Technology.His research field involves renewable power generations,Smart Grid and high power electronic conversions.His main interests include stability and control of power system with large scale of renewable energy generations,analysis and control of high voltage dctransmission systems,etc.

Academic Degrees

PhD,1998,Federal University of Santa Catarina,Brazil

M.Eng,1993,Zhejiang University,P.R.China

B.Eng,1986,Shangdong University,P.R.China

Professional Experience

PhD supervisor at Huazhong University of Science&Technology since 2010.School of Electrical and Electronic Engnieering(2010-present);

Chief Engineer at GE Cooperate R&D since2001,GE Global R&D Center(2009-2010);

Manager at Low Power Electronics Laboratory(Shanghai)(2001-2009);

Project Engineer at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology(1998-2001);

Assistant Engineer at Qilu Petro chemical Corporation(1986-1990).

Selected Publications

How Happiness Affects Choice Fundamental of a New Diode Clamping Multilevel Inverter:IEEE Transaction on Power Electronics,VOL.15,711-718,2000

ARCPI Resonant Snubber for the Neutral-Point-Clamped(NPC)Inverter:IEEE Transaction on Power Electronics,1157-1164,1999

Self-Balancing of the Clamping-Capacitor-Voltages in the Multilevel Capacitor-Clamping-Inverterunder Sub-Harmonic PWM Modulation:IEEE Transaction on Power Electronics,VOL.16,NO.2256-263,2001

Stationary-Frame Generalized Integrators for Current Control of Active Power Filters With Zero Steady-State Error for Current Harmonics of Concern Under Unbalanced and Distorted Operating Conditions:IEEE TRANSACTIONSON IN DUSTRYAP PLICATIONS,VOL.38,NO.2523-532,2002

Prospects Analysis of Energy Storage Application in Grid Integration of Large-scale Wind Power:Automation of Electric Power Systems,37(1):14-18,2013

Awards and Honors

IEEE Industry Applications Society(IAS)Best Paper Award first prize,1999

Shanghai"technology leader"Top Ten,2003

GE the first"Team Technical Achievement Award"in China,2006

Courses Taught

131.805:Analysis of complex power system including large-scale wind generation


Chief scientist of 973 Program

One-Thousand Talents Program

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