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Academic Areas: Power system and its automation

Research Interests: Power system operation and control

Professor Sun received his bachelor degree in hydraulic machinery,and his master degree and PHD degree from Huazhong University of Science&Technology(HUST)in 1991,1998 and 2004 respectively.Since 1991 he has been a fulltime staff with department of electrical power system,HUST.His main research interest includes power system analysis and simulation,FACTS&HVDC,power system subsynchronous oscillation,Grid stability and control with wind power integration,Grid integration of Electric Vehicles and isolated power system.

Academic Degrees

PHD in Power System and its automation

Professional Experience

2015-Present:Professor,Huazhong University of Science&Technology

2011.11-2012.10:Visit Scholar,Aalborg University,DK

2007-2015:Associate Professor,Huazhong University of Science&Technology

2005.12-2006.03:Research Assistant,Hongkong University

1996-2007:Lecture,Huazhong University of Science&Technology

1991-1996:Assistant Professor,Huazhong University of Science&Technology

Selected Publications

Xin Zhou,Haishun Sun,Bing Zhao,Jinyu Wen,Asad Waqar.Applying high-voltage directemergency control to suppress the peak value of ultra-high-voltage tie linepower oscillation.IET Generation, Transmission&Distribution,2015,9(16):2485-2492

Xinyao Zhu,Haishun Sun,Jinyu Wen,and Shijie Cheng.Improved Complex Torque Coefficient Method Using CPCM for Multi-Machine System SSR Analysis.IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER SYSTEMS,2014,29(5):2060-2068

Xinyao Zhu,Haishun Sun,Jinyu Wen,and Shijie Cheng.A practical method to construct networks tatee quation sin multi-machine system SSR study.Electric Power Systems Research,2014,107:51-58

Hengxuan Li,Haishun Sun,Jinyu Wen,Shijie Cheng,Haibo He.A fully decent ralized multi-agent system for intelligent restoration of power distribution network in corporating distribute dgenerations.IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine,2012,7(4):66-76

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