Associate Professor

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Academic Areas: Protective Relaying,Smart Grid,Communication for Power System Automation

Research Interests:

Dr.Wei Chen is the Associate Professor at School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Huazhong University of Science and Technology.He has over twenty years of experience in industry and academia,as a enengineer and educator.Dr.Chen is a Member of the IEEE and is active in several international professional societies.His research focus on power system and its automation such as:protective relaying,power system dynamic stability and control,modeling and analysis of power system transient,distributed generation,substation automation base on IEC 61850 and etc.He is widely published in the scholarly journals.He has been granted some Chinese, United State and Indian patents.He teaches in power system protective relaying forunder graduate students,Application of Wide-Area Measurement System for graduatestudents.

Academic Degrees

1999-2004 Ph.D.,Electrical Engineering,Huazhong University of Science&Technology,China.

1995-1997 M.Sc.,Electrical Engineering,Wuhan University,China.

Professional Experience

At Huazhong University of Science and Technology since 2000,School of Electric&Electronic Engineering,Associate Professor,2006–present;

School of Electric&Electronic Engineering,Lecturer,2000–2006;

At Florida State University(US),University of HongKong(China),University of Calgary(Canada),Visiting Scholar,2013,2004,2000 respectively.

At Nanhua Electric Automation Inc.,Wuhan,China,Manager of R&D Division,1997-1999.

Selected Publications

Wide-Area Backup Protection Algorithm Based on Fault Component VoltageDistribution,IEEE Transactionson Power Delivery,2011.11,26(4):2752–2760

Online rotormixed fault diagnosis way based on spectrum analysis of instantaneous power in squir relcage in duction motors,IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion,Volume:19,Issue:3,2004,pp:485-490

Study of Wavelet-based Ultra High Speed Directional Transmission Line Protection,IEEE Transaction on Power Delivery,Vol.18,No.4Oct.,2003,pp.1134-1139

Principle Investigation and Simulation of Directional Protection Based on Fault Component of Compensating Voltage,in Chinese,Proceedings of CSEE,2005.11,25(21):92–97

Power System Protective Relaying,China Machine Press,2009,ISBN978-7-111-25206-1

Courses Taught

Power System Protective Relaying

Application of Wide-Area Measurement System

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