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Academic Areas: Energy storage technologies and new energy materials

Research Interests:

Dr.Kangli Wang received her electrochemistry from Wuhan University,China in 2006.In 2007,she joined Auburn University as a postdoctoral fellow in Department of Materials Engineering.From 2010 to 2013,she was a postdoctoral associate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT).She is currently anassociate professor at School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in HUST.Her research interests mainly focus on energy storage technologies and new energy materials.Dr.Wang has published more than 30 papers in top journals like Nature,Chem.Rev.,Energy Environ.Sci.etc,and holds 2 Chinese patents.In 2014,she was a warded as“Chutian Scholar of Hubei Province”.

Academic Degrees

PhD in Electrochemistry,2003,Wuhan University;

M.E in Electrochemistry,2001,Wuhan University;

B.E in Chemisty,1997,Hubei University.

Professional Experience

School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,Huazhong University of Science and Technology,Associate Professor(2013-present);

Department of Materials Science and Engineering,Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT),Postdoctoral associate(2010-2013);

Department of Materials Engineering,Auburn University,Postdoctoral fellow(2007-2010).

Selected Publications

W Li,M Zhou,HLi,K Wang*,S Cheng,K Jiang*,A high performance sulfur-doped disordered carbon anode for sodiumion batteries,Energy&Environmental Science,2015

WLi,MZhou,H Li,K Wang*,S Cheng,K Jiang*,Carbon-coated Sb2Se3 composite as anode material for sodiumion batteries,,Electrochemistry Communications,2015

HLi,KWang*,W Li,S Cheng,K Jiang*,Moltensalt electrochemical synthesis of sodiumtitanates as highperformance anode materials for sodiumion batteries,Journal of Materials Chemistry A,2015,3(32),16495-16500.

M Zhou,W Li,TGu,KWang*,S Cheng,K Jiang*,Asulfonated polyaniline with highden sityand highrate Na-storage performances as a flexible organic cathode for sodiumion batteries,Chemical Communications, 2015,51,14354-14356.

K Wang,K Jiang,B Chung,TOuchi,PJ Burke,DA Boysen,DJ Bradwell,H Kim,U Muecke,DR Sadoway,Lithium-antimony-lead liquid metal battery forgrid-level energy storage,Nature,2014,514(7522),348-350.

Y Liu,JW Fergus,K Wang,CD Cruz,Crystal Structure,Chemical Stabilities and Electrical Conductivity of Fe-Doped Manganese Cobalt Spinel Oxides for SOFC Interconnect Coatings ,Journal of The Electrochemical Society,2013,160(11),F1316-F1321

H Kim,DA Boysen,JM Newhouse,BL Spatocco,B Chung,PJ Burke,DJ Bradwell,KJiang,AA Tomaszowska,K Wang,W Wei,LA Ortiz,SA Barriga,SM Poizeau,DR Sadoway,Liquidmetal batteries:Past,present,andfuture,Chemical Reviews,2012,113(3),2075-2099.

HKim,DA Boysen,DJ Bradwell,B Chung,K Jiang,AA Tomaszowska,KL Wang,W.Wei,D.R.Sadoway,Thermody namicpropertie sofcalcium–bismuth alloys determined by emfmeasurements,Electrochimica Acta,2012,60,154-162.

K Wang,JLu,L Zhuang,A mechanistic study of borohydride anodicoxidation,Catalysis Today,2011,170(1),99-109.

K Wang,Y Liu,JW Fergus,Interactions between SOF Cinterconnect coating materials and chromia,Journal of the American Ceramic Society,2011,94(12),4490-4495

K Wang,JW Fergus,The effect of transition-metal doping on chromium depositionat Pt/YSZ cathode interfaces,Journal of The Electro chemical Society,2010,157(7),B1008-B1011.

A Purwanto,A Fajar,HMugirahardjo,JW Fergus,K Wang,Cation distribution in spinel(Mn,Co,Cr)3O4 atroom temperature,Journal of Applied Crystallography,2010,43(3),394-400.

JW Fergus,K Wang,Y Liu,Transition Metal Spinel Oxide Coatings for Reducing Chromium Poisoning in SOFCs,ECSTransactions,2010,33(40),77-84.

K Wang,K Jiang,J Lu,L Zhuang,CCha,XHu,GZChen,Eight-electronoxidation of borohydride at potential snegativetor eversible hydrogen electrode,Journal of Power Sources,2008,185(2),892-894.

K Wang,JWFergus,The effect of manganese doping on chromium deposition at Pt/YSZ cathodeinter faces,Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters,2008,11(8),B156-B160

K Wang,JLu,L Zhuang,A current-decomposition study of the borohydrideoxidation reaction at Nielectrodes,The Journal of Physical ChemistryC,2007,111(20),7456-7462

K Wang,J Lu,L Zhuang,Direct determination of diffusion coefficient for borohydrideanions in alkaline solutions using chronoamperometry with spherical Auelectrodes,Journa lof Electroanalytical Chemistry,2005,585(2),191-196

K Wang,H Yan,J Liu,X Sun,The Electrochemical Behavior and the Quantitative Determination of Nitrogen Dioxideata Solid Polymer Electrolyte Supported Pt‐AuElectrode,Electroanalysis,2004,16(16),1318-1323

Courses Taught

Solid State Physics

Physical Chemistry

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