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Email: XiaoshengPeng@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: Electrical Engineering

Research Interests:

Dr.Xiaosheng Peng is a lecturer of School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Huazhong University of Science and Technology.His research interests span condition monitoring of power apparatuses,big data theory and its application in power system,partial discharge detection and pattern recognition,new and renewable energy power prediction.He has borne projects from EDF Energy(UK),Engineering and Physical Science Research Council(UK),State Grid Corporation of China,China Electric Power Research Institute,State Grid of China Technology College,etc.He is the member of IEEE and IET.

Academic Degrees

PhD,2012,Glasgow Caledonian University,UK;

MSc,2009,Huazhong University of Science and Technology,China;

BEng,2006,Huazhong University of Science and Technology,China.

Professional Experience

Huazhong University of Science and Technology,School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,Lecturer(2013-present);

Glasgow Caledonian University,UK,School of Engineering and Built Environment,Research Assistant(2012-2013).

Selected Publications

Xiaosheng Peng,Diyuan Deng,Shijie Cheng,Jinyu Wen,Zhao huiLi,Lin Niu,Key Technologies of Electric Power Big Data and Its Application Prospects in Smart Grid,Proceedings of the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering,2015,35(3):503-511.

Jie Zhan,Jinxin Huang,Lin Niu,Xiaosheng Peng,Diyuan Deng,Shijie Cheng,Study of the key technologies of electric power big data and its application prospects in smart grid,IEEE PESAPPEEC,Hong Kong,China,7-10 December 2014.

Jinxin Huang,Lin Niu,Jie Zhan,Xiaosheng Peng,Junyang Bai,Shijie Cheng,Technical Aspects and Case Study of Big Databased Condition Monitoring of Power Apparatuses,IEEE PESAPPEEC,Hong Kong,China,7-10 December 2014.

Xiaosheng Peng,Chengke Zhou,Donald M.Hepburn,Martin D Judd,W.H.Siew,Application of K-Means Method to Pattern Recognition in On-line Cable Partial Discharge Monitoring,IEEE Transactions on Dielect ricsand Electrical Insulation,2013,20(3):754-761.

Xiaosheng Peng,Chengke Zhou,Donald M.Hepburn,Knowledge Based Interference Signal Rejection and Partial Discharge Identification from Multi-PD Sources for Condition Monitoring of Cable Systems, CIRED2013, Stockholm,Sweden,10-13June2013.

Xian Dong,Xiaoping Jing,Kequn Qian,Wei Jiang,Chengke Zhou,Xiaosheng Peng,A Smart Grid Needs Smart Monitoring,International Journal of Smart Grid and Clean Energy,2013,2(3):322-328.

Xiaoping Jing,Xiaosheng Peng,Wei Jiang,Wenjun Zhou,Chengke Zhou,Zeyang Tang,Phase Resolved Partial Discharge Pattern Recognition Method for On-line Cable Condition Monitoring System Based on K-Means Clustering,High Voltage Engineering,2012,38(9):2437-2446.

Xiaosheng Peng,Chengke Zhou,Xiaodi Song,An Experience of On-site PD Testing for Condition Monitoring of an 11kV PILC Cable Insulation Systems,Journal of Energy and Power Engineering,2012,6(1):140-145.

Xiaosheng Peng,Chengke Zhou,Donald M.Hepburn,Automatic Partial Discharge Pattern Recognition for Use in On-line Cable Condition Monitoring Systems,CIRED2011,Frankfurt,Germany,6-9June2011.

Alistair J.Reid,Xiaosheng Peng,Xiao Hu,MartinD.Judd,W.H.Siew,Chengke Zhou,DonaldM.Hepburn,Comparison of Partial Discharge Characteristics from Insulation Defects in 11kV EPR Cable,17th International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering,Hannover,Germany,22-26August2011.

Courses Taught

Power System Automation

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