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Academic Areas: Electrical switch gear and electrical contacts

Research Interests:

Prof.Li's research interest includes electromagnetic switch gear and electrical contacts.He specializes in principle and application of contact material design,fundamentals of electrical contact phenomena and DC power switching devices.His pioneering work is the discovery of the oretical model swhich clearly show the mathematic relationship between the contact performance(breaking capacity,chopping current,dynamic welding resistance,erosionetc.)and material properties(electrical,thermal,physicsetc.),which is contributing to the methodology transform in contact material R&D from traditional“tryerror”to“the oretical calculation”.


Academic Degrees

PhD in Electrical engineering,March 1992,Fuzhou University

Master degree in Electrical engineering,June 1988,Fuzhou University

Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering,June 1985,Hebei University of Technology

Professional Experience

Postdoctoral researcher,April 1992—April 1994,Dept.of Electrical engineering,Huazhong University of Science and Technology(HUST)

Associate Professor,May 1994—May 1998,Dept.of Electrical engineering,HUST

Full professor,June 1998—present,School of Electrical and ElectronicEng.,HUST

Director of University Policy and regulations office,Jan.2002—April.2006,HUST

Director of Graduate study office,May 2006—March 2012,HUST

Director of University Laboratory and Equipment Administration Department,March 2012—Present,HUST

Selected Publications

LI Chen,LI Zhenbiao,WANG Qian,Experimental Study on Arc Duration under Different Atmospheres,IEICE Transactionon Electronics,Vol.E97-C,no.9,pp843-849Sept.2014

Zhao Laijun,Li Zhenbiao,etc,Electrical Properties of Nano crystalline CuCr25 Contact Material,IEEE Transactions on Components,Packaging and Manufacturing Technology.2013,3(4):625-632.

LIU YUN,Xu guangda,Li Zhenbiao,The effcet of TM Fonmaking&breaking arcdurations of electrical contact IEICE Transaction on Electronics,Vol.E95-C,no.9,Sept.2012,P1481--1486

Zhao laijun,Li zhenbiao,Zhang hansi,The Randomness of Contact Welding Occurrence in the Electrical Endurance Test,IEICE Transaction on Electronics,Vol.E94-C,no.9,Sept.2011,P1363--13682011.9

Li Zhenbiao,Wei Meifang,M.Hasegawa,effect of arcing behavior characteristics on welding resistance of relay contact,IEICE Transaction on Electronics,Vol.E90-C,No.7,JULY,2007P1385--1390

Li Zhenbiao,Wu Xixiu,MAKOTOHASEGAWA,Sputter Erosion Model of Arcing Contact Materials,IEICE Transaction on Electronics,Vol.E90-C,No.7,JULY,2007 P1356--1360

Wu Xixiu,LI Zhenbiao,Erosion and Electrical Life of Relay under Different Contact Materials and Load Types,Proc.Of 40 thinter national universities power engineering conference,CORK,IRELAND.2005.9

LI ZHENBIAO,Zou Jiyan,Cheng Lichun,The Theoretical Prediction of Current Chopping Ability of Vacuum Contact Materials Proc.Of 41stIEEE Holm Conferenceon Electrical Contacts,Montreal,CANADA1995,10

LI ZHENBIAO,Cheng Li chun,Zou Jiyan,The Metallurgical Research on Contact Surface Deterioration of AgNi,AgW,Ag Cuand Ag Fe Contact Materials,Proc.of 41st IEEE Holm Conference on Electrical Contacts, Montreal, CANADA 1995,10

LI ZHENBIAO,Cheng Lichun,Zhang Guansheng,A Review on Theoretical Investigation of Electrical Contact Materials,Proc.of 42nd IEEE Holm Conference on Electrical Contacts,CHICAGO,USA1996,10

LI ZHENBIAO,Zhang Yicheng,Short-time Withstand Current of Electrical Apparatus,Proc.Of 43rd IEEE Holm Conference on Electrical Contacts,Philadelphia,USA,PP218—220.1997,10

LI ZHENBIAO,Zhang Guansheng,The Study of Criterion for Dynamic Welding of Electrical Contacts,Proc.Of 15th International Conference on Electrical Contacts,Loughborough,U.K,,P413—416,1992,9

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