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Academic Areas: High Voltage Engineering

Research Interests:

He Junjia is the Professor at School of Electronic&Electronic Engineering(SEEE) in Huazhong University of Science and Technology(HUST). His research interesting is electromagnetic transients in power system,high voltage apparatus.He focuses on the fields such as: electromagnetic transient simulation by EMTP,EMTDC/PSCAD,lightning discharge and its attachment process,arc phenomena,HVDC circuit breaker.He is widely published in the scholarly journals in plasma science and dielectric insulation.He has been granted some Chinese patents.He teaches in some electrical related programs at SEEE.He has borne several projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Academic Degrees

PhD in Department of electric power engineering,1995,HUST;

B.E in Department of electric power engineering,1990,HUST.

Professional Experience

At Huazhong University of Science and Technology since1995.


College of Engineering,Nagoya University,Japan,Visiting researcher(1999~2001)

Department of electric power engineering,vice Professor(1997~1999)

Department of electric power engineering,Lecturer(1995-1997)

Selected Publications

Investigations of the armature-rail contact pressured is tribution in a railgun.IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science,2015,43(5):1657-1662

Study of some influencing factors of armature current distribution at current ramp-upstage in railgun.IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science,2015,43(5):1585-1591

Experimental study of armature meltwear in solid armature railgun.IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science,2015,43(5):1142-1146

Optimizing study on the concavearc surfaced C-shaped armature with medium and small calibers.IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science,2015,43(5):1136-1141

Current concentration of large-caliber C-shaped armature in square railgun.IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science,2015,43(5):1125-1130

The Effect of Corona Discharge on Leader Initiation in Long AirGaps.IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science,2014,42(4):890-895

An experimental and numerical study of leader development in rod-rod gaps under positives witching impulse voltage.Eur.Phys.J.Appl.Phys,2013,64(1):10802

Semi-empirical calculation method of the positive first coron as pace charge under different impulse rising rates in long airgaps.IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science,2013,41(8):2237-2245

Effect of corona discharge sonthe inception of positive up ward leader–streamer system.International Journal of Model Physics B,2013,Vol.27,No.28,1350165

Observation of Leader Development in Rod-Rod Air Gaps under Negative Switching Impulse.Japanese Journal of Applied Physics,2013,52(9):090206

Attachment processes and influencing factors in competition tests under switching impulse voltages.IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science,2013,41(7):1773-1780

Study on the tail structure of a C-type armature in the non equal-cross-section cantilever model.IEEE Transactionson Plasma Science,2013,41(5):1498-1502

Some key parameters for rectangular caliberrail gun system.IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science,2013,41(5):1493-1497

Simulations on arcsurfaced C-shaped armatures for round-like bore railguns.IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science,2013,41(5):1467-1474

Study on the curve shape of C-shaped armature's trailing arm sin rectangular bore railgun.IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science,2013,41(5):1460-1466

Digital time-resolved optical measurement of discharge currents in longairgaps.Review of Scientific Instruments,2013,84(8):085107

Electrical properties of nanocry stalline CuCr25 contact material.IEEE Transactions on Components,Packaging and Manufacturing Technology,2013,3(4):625-632

Thermal Analysis of Air-Core Power Reactors.ISRN Mechanical Engineering,2013:865015

An improved model to determine the inception of positive upward leader–streamer system considering the leader propagation during dark period.Physics of Plasmas,2013,20:042107

Courses Taught

Signals and Systems

Over voltage and insulation coordination of power system

Lightning Discharge

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