Associate Professor

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Academic Areas: High Voltage Engineering;Pulsed power system

Research Interests:

Li Hua was born in Wuhan,Hubei,China in 1979.She received BSc and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering and itsAutomation,High Voltage and Insulation Technology from Huazhong University of Science and Technology(HUST),Wuhan,China,in 2002 and 2007,respectively.She worked as a postdoctor in School of Automation,HUST during2007-2009.She currently is an Associate Professor of School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,where she is also a Ph.D.Supervisor in the area of High Voltage and Insulation.She currently is also a one-year academic visitor in the Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory,University of Southampton,United Kingdom unti l2016.Her research interests are within the genericareas of high voltage engineering and pulsed power technology.Within high voltage engineering this includes condition monitoring and test of HV insulations,dielectric and insulation materials,overvoltage calculation and insulation coordination.Within pulsed power technology this includes lifetime characteristics and reliability of capacitors,insulation failure mechanism under single and repetitive pulse condition.She supervised two undergraduate classes.She is currently teaching and modulating the course of High Voltage and Insulation.She published over 20 academic papers in her research areas in REVSCIIN STRUM,IEEE TDIELECT ELIN,IEEE TMAGN and etc.She received 6 authorized China invention patents and 2 China software copyrights as well.

Professional Experience

Member of technology of high voltage and insulation coordination of Standardization Committee in China

Member of Machinery Industry Association of Education and Discipline of High Voltage and Insulation Technology Committee in China

Member of IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society

Selected Publications

The website of the academic work:

Awards and Honors

Medal of First Grade of Scientific and Technological Advance,The Ministry of Education,2009(co-winner)

Excellent Paper Award,Chinese Pulsed Power Society,2011

Second prize of Young Teacher Teaching SkillsCompetition,HUST,2013

Courses Taught

High Voltage and Insulation

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