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Email: yiliu@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: Pulsed power,High voltage and insulation technology

Research Interests:

Liu Yi is the Lecturer at School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering(SEEE)in Huazhong University of Science and Technology(HUST).His research spans pulsed power,and high voltage and insulation technology.He focuses on transformer structural fault detection,pulsed discharge in liquid,and high voltage and current test,compact pulsed power generator,power electronics,etc.He is widely published in the scholarly journals in high voltage engineering and pulsed power technology.He teaches in high voltage and insulation technology,and principle and application of electromagnetic compatibility in at SEEE as well as gas discharge forunder graduatestudents.He has also borne projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China,and Chinese High-tech R&D(863)Program,etc.

Academic Degrees

PhD in High voltage and insulation technology,2013,Huazhong University of Science and Technology;

B.E in Electrical engineering,2008,Wuhan University.

Professional Experience

At Huazhong University of Science and Technology since 2013.School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,Lecturer

At Loughborough University,UK,(2011-2012),Visiting Scholar.

Selected Publications

Liu Yi,Han Yibo,Liu Siwei,Lin Fuchang.Pulse magnetic properties measurement and characterization of Fe-based nanocry stalline cores for high-voltage pulse magnetics applications[J].IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics,2015,30(12):6883-6896.

Liu Yi,Zhao Tingzhi,Han Yibo,Lin Fuchang.Core saturation detection and calibration of a currentp robe for fast transient currents[J].IEEE Sensors Journal,2015,15(3):1395-1403.

Liu Yi,Han Yibo,Lin Fuchang,Li Li.Performance evaluation of Fe-based nanocry stalline cores with high and low residual flux[J].IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science,2014,42(8):2079-2085.

Liu Yi,Han Yibo,Zhang Qin,Li Li,Bao Chaobin,Lin Fuchang.Study on the performance of high-voltage trigger generator sin pulsed power conditioning system[J].IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science,2014,42(11):3614-3622.

Liu Yi,Feng Xibo,Lin Fuchang,Li Li.A simple self-breakdown sharpening switch with low jitter and stable breakdown voltage[J].IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science,2013,41(1):192-198.

Lin Fuchang,Liu Yi,Feng Xibo,Liu Gang.Study on a magnetics witch for pulsed power conditioning system[J].IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science,2012,40(4):1183-1189.

Liu Yi,Lin Fuchang,Hu Guan,Zhang Miao.Design and performance of aresistive divider system for measuring fast HV impulse[J].IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement,2011,60(3):996-1002.

Liu Yi,Lin Fuchang,Dai Ling,etal.Development of a compact450-kJ pulsed-power-pupply system for electromagnetic launcher[J].IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science,2011,39(1):304-309.

Liu Yi,Lin Fuchang,Zhang Qin,Zhong Heqing.Design and construction of a Rogow skicoil for measuring wide pulse current[J].IEEE Sensors Journal,2011,11(1):123-130.

Liu Yi,Lin Fuchang,Feng Xibo,etal.Design and construction of a trigger generator based on pulse transformer for spark gap switch[J].IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science,2011,39(12):3378-3385.

Liu Yi,Lin Fuchang,Feng Xibo.Design and performance of a pulse transformer based on Fe-based nanocry stalline core[J].Review of Scientific Instruments,2011,82(8):084703-1-084703-6.

Courses Taught

High Voltage and Insulation Technology

Principle and Application of Electromagnetic Compatibility

Gas Discharge

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