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Academic Areas: High voltage

Research Interests:

YE Qizheng was born in Wuhan,Chinain 1965.Since 2004,he has been a professor in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of HUST.His main research interests include electrical insulation and electrical discharge,discharge plasma application and electromagnetic phenomena in complex fluids.He presided over four programs supported by the grant from the National Nature Science Foundation of China,and he has published over 70 journal papers in the seareas.

Academic Degrees

PhD in electrical engineering,2001,Huazhong University of Science and Technology;

M.S in optical instruments,1991,Chang chun Institute of Optics,Fine Mechanics and Physics,Chinese Academy of Science;

B.E in physics,1986,Hubei University.

Professional Experience

2011-present:Dean of the Department of Electrical Theory and New Technology

2004-present:Professor of School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of HUST

2000-2004:Associate Professor of the School of Environment Science and Engineering of HUST

1994-2000:Lecturer of School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of HUST

Selected Publications

Qizheng Ye,Dahai Yu,Fu liYang,Dan Tan.Application of the Gray-Level Standard Deviation in the Analysis of the Uniformity of DBD Caused by the Rotary Electrode.IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science,2013,41(3):540-544

Qizheng Ye,Yunfei Wu,Xingwang Li,Tian Chen and Guiwei Shao,Uniformity of dielectric barrier discharges using mesh electrodes,Plasma Sources Sci.Technol.,2012,21:065008

Qizheng Ye,Dan Tan,The mechanical vibration phenomenon in a 50-Hz dielectric barrier discharge,IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation,2012,19(1):247-252

Ye Qizheng,Lu Fei,The anistropic cell model in the colloidal plasmas.Progress In Electromagnetics Research-PIER,2010,100,381-396

Ye Qizheng,Zhang Ting,Lu Fei,Li Jin,He Zhenghao and Lin Fuchang.Dielectric barrierd is charge in a two-phase mixture.Journal of Physics D:Applied Physics,2008,41,025207

Ye Qizheng,Tan Dan,Moment neutrality and dipole-screened model in the dusty plasma.Journal of Physics D:Applied Physics,2007,40:4836-4841

Ye Qizheng,Li Jin,Lu Fei.Abnormal breakdown characteristic in a two-phase mixture.Journal of PhysicsD:Applied Physics,2006,39:2198-2204

Ye Qizheng,Li Jin,Zhang Jiacong.A displaced dipole model for a two-cylinder system.IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation,2004,11(3):542-550

Ye Qizheng,Li Jin,Wan Hui.The limits of validity for the dipole approximation for a dielectric mixture.Electromagnetics,2004,24(3):143-152

Ye Qizheng,Li Jin,Zhang Jiacong.Adipole-enhanced approximation for a dielectric mixture.Journal of Electrostatics,2004,61(2):99-106

Ye Qizheng,Li Jin,Xie Zhihui.Analytical model of the breakdown mechanism in a two-phase mixture.Journal of Physics D:Applied Physics,2004,37:3373-3382

Ye Qizheng,Li Jin,Yang Haiyan.A displaced dipole model for spheresinanon-uniform field. Journal of Electrostatics,2002,56(1):1-18

Ye Qizheng,Li Jin.Effective Permittivity of Dielectric Mixture Based on the Electric-Circuit Model.Electromagnetics,2001,21(4):341-350

Courses Taught

Electromagnetic Field and Wave

Circuit Principle

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