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Academic Areas: Plasma Physics

Research Interests:

In 2007,he joined HuaZhong University of Science and Technology,where he is now a Chair Professor(Chang Jiang Scholar)with the College of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.He is a Senior Member of IEEE.He also served as a Guest Editor for IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science(April 2008 Special Issue on Plenary&Invited of PPPS-2007,August 2010 Special Issue on Nonthermal Medical/Biological Treatments Using Ionized Gases and Electromagnetic Fields,April 2011 Special Issue on Plenary and Invited papers from ICOPS-2010,Nov.2012 Special Issue on Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jets and Their Applications,Aug.2014 Special Issue on Images in Plasma Science,and Mar.2015 Special Issue on Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jets and Their Applications and as a session chair at the International Conference on Plasma Science since 2007.He and Paul Chuco-edited the book titled Low Temperature Plasma Technology:Methods and Applications(CRC Press 2013).He was asked togive Plenary/Invited talk in many international conferences including the IEEE International Conferenceon Plasma Science.His research interests include low-temperature plasma sources and their biomedical applications,modeling of low-temperature plasmas,and plasma diagnostics.He is the author or coauthor of about 100 peer-reviewed journal articles with acitation of about 3000 and holds 6 patents in the seareas.

Academic Degrees

PhD in Electrical Engineering,2001,HuaZhong University of Science and Technology;

Professional Experience

Full Professor(2007-present);HuaZhong Univ.Sci.and Technol.

Research Associate(2002-2006);Old Dominion Univ.

Selected Publications

X.Lu*,G.Naidis,M.Laroussi,K.Ostrikov,Guide dionization waves:theory and experiments,Physics Reports,540,123(2014)

Z.Xiong,S.Zhao,X.Mao,X.Lu*,G.He,G.Yang,M.Chen,M.Ishaq,K.Ostrikov,Selective neuronal differentiation of neural stem cell sinduced by nanosecond microplasma agitation,Stem Cell Research.12,pp387-399(2014)

S.Zhao,Z.Xiong,X.Mao,D.Meng,Q.Lei,Y.Li,P.Deng,M.Chen,M.Tu,X.Lu*,G.Yang,G.He,Atmospheric pressure room temperature plasma jets facilitate oxidative and nitrative stress and lead to end oplasmic reticulum stress dependent apoptosis in Hep G2 Cells,PLOSOne.8,e73665(2013)

Y.Xian,D.Zou,X.Lu*,Y.Pan,K.Ostrikov,Feather-like He plasma plumes in surrounding N2 gas,Appl.Phys.Lett.103,094103(2013)

Y.Xian,P.Zhang,X.Lu*,X.Pei,S.Wu,Q.Xiong,K.Ostrikov,From short pulses to short breaks:exotic plasma bullets viares idual electron control,Scientific Reports.3,01599(2013)

T.Du,Q.Shi,Y.Shen,Y.Cao*,J.Ma,X.Lu,Z.Xiong,M.Haapasalo,Effect of modified none quilibrium plasma with chlorhexidine digluconate against endodontic biofilms invitro,J.Endodontic.39,1438(2013)

X.Pei,X.Lu*,J.LiumD.Liu,Y.Yang,K.Ostrikov,P.Chu,Y.Pan,Inactivation of a 25.5m Enter ococcus faecalis biofilm by a room-temperature,battery-operated,hand held airplasma jet,J.Phys.D.45,165205(2012)(Selected as a Feature Article).

X.Lu*,M.Laroussi,V.Puech,On atmospheric pressure non-equilibrium plasma jets and plasma bullets,Plasma Sources Sci.Technol.21,034005(2012)(Selected as a Feature Article).

Z.Xiong,T.Du,X.Lu*,Y.Cao,and Y.Pan,How deep can plasma penetrate into a biofilm,Appl.Phys.Lett.98,221503(2011)

Z.Xiong,X.Lu*,Y.Cao,Q.Ning,K.Ostrikov,Y.Lu,X.Zhou,and J.Liu,Room-temperature,atmospheric plasma needle reduce sadenovir usgene expression in HEK 293A hostcells,Appl.Phys.Lett.99,253703(2011)

X.Lu*,Z.Xiong,F.Zhao,Y.Xian,Q.Xiong,W.Gong,C.Zou,Z.Jiang,andY.Pan,Asimpleatmo spheric pressure room-temperature airplasma needle device for biomedical applications,Appl.Phys.Lett.95,181501(2009)

X.Lu*,Y.Cao,P.Yang,Q.Xiong,Z.Xiong,Y.Xian,Y.pan,An RC Plasma Devic efor Sterilization of Root Canal of Teeth,IEEE Trans Plasma Sci.37(5),668-673(2009)

X.Lu*,T.Ye,Y.Cao,Z.Sun,Q.Xiong,Z.Tang,Z.Xiong,J.Hu,Z.Jiang,and Y.Pan,The roles of the various plasma agents in the inactivation of bacteria,J.Appl.Phys.104,053309(2008)

X.Lu*,Z.Jiang,Q.Xiong,Z.Tang,and Y.Pan,A single electrode room-temperature plasma jet device for biomedical applications,Appl.Phys.Lett.92,151504(2008)

X.Lu*,Z.Jiang,Q.Xiong,Z.Tang,X.Hu,and Y.Pan,An 11cm Long Atmospheric Pressure Cold Plasma Plume for Applications of Plasma Medicine,Appl.Phys.Lett.92,081502(2008)

X.Lu and M.Laroussi,Dynamics of an Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Plume Generated by Sub-Microsecond Voltage Pulses.J.Appl.Phys.2006,100,063302

Awards and Honors

ChangJiang Scholar Award,2007

Outstanding Youth Award of HuBei Province,2009.

Distinguished Graduate Student Supervisor Award,HuaZhong Univ.Sci.Technol.2012

Innovative talents Award of All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese,2014

Courses Taught

Low temperature plasma diagnostic

Progress of low temperature plasma

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