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Academic Areas: Circuit and System Theory

Research Interests:

Li Cheng is the Professor at School of Electrics&Electronic Engineering in Huazhong University of Science and Technology.His research interests include Non-linear circuits and systems,Artificial neural network and its application,Power electronic control technology,the power quality.He presided over and participated in scientific research and teaching research projects.His papers are widely published in the scholarly journals.He has been granted a Chinese patent.He teaches in some circuit theory,electronic technique and soon forunder graduatestudents and Artificial neural network for graduatestudents at School of Electric and Electronic Engineering.He won the first prize in the teaching achievement from Hubei Province in China.

Academic Degrees

PhD in electrical engineering,2005,Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Professional Experience

At Huazhong University of Science and Technology since 1995;

School of Electronic Information and Communications,Lecturer(1995-1999).

School of Electric and Electronic Engineering,Associate Professor(2000-2008);

School of Electric and Electronic Engineering,Professor(2008-present);

Selected Publications

Rotor fault diagnosis of squirrel cagea synchronous motor based on instantaneous reactive power in α-β coordinates,Transactions of China Electro-technical Society,2015,30,(10)

A new filter and detection approach of fault in a synchronous motor based on improved matrix pencil,Transactions of China Electro-technical Society,2015,30,(12)

A feedback neural network with weights of sinusoidal functions,ACTAPHYSICASINICA,2012,61,(7)

Cascaded multilevel high-voltage DC/AC converter with one cycle control,Electric Power Automation Equipment,2011,31,(10)

Voltage sagreal-time detection method based on feedback neural network,Electric Machines and Control,2010,14,(9)

Dynamic voltage regulator with one cycle control three-phase three-wire systems,High Voltage Engineering,2007,33,(4)

One cycle control of dynamic voltage regulator for three phase three wire systems,Relay,2007,35,(13)

Study on one-cycle control of DVR based on three-phase full-bridge inverter,Electric Power Automation Equipment,2007,27,(6)

Model in gand simulation of series active power filter with one cycle control,High Voltage Apparatus,2006,42,,(4)

Study of the model with one-cycle control strategy for single-phases hunt active power filter and its simulation,High Voltage Engineering,2006,32,(8)

Model in gand simulation of single-phase DVR based on one-cycle control,Electric Power Automation Equipment,2006,26,(4)

Courses Taught

Circuit principle

Electrical engineering technology

Analog electronic technology

Digital electronic technology

Micro-controller principle and its application

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