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Academic Areas: Low temperature plasma technology and its application

Research Interests:

Academic Degrees

Phd in Electric and Electronic Engineering,Loughborough University,UK,2009

BA in Electric and Electronic Engineering,China University of Geosciences,2002

Professional Experience

Full professor(2015-present):School of Electric and Electronic Engineering,Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Associate Professor(2009-2015):SEEE,HUST

Selected Publications

Cheng,H.,Liu,X.,Lu,X.,and Liu,D.W.(2016).Active species delivered by dielectric barrier discharge filaments to bacteria biofilm son the surface of apple.Phys.Plasmas1994-Present23,73517.

Cheng,H.,Lu,X.,and Liu,D.W.(2015).The Effect of Tube Diameter on an Atmospheric-Pressure Micro-Plasma Jet.Plasma Process.Polym.12,1343–1347.

Liu,X.Y.,Pei,X.K.,Lu,X.P.,and Liu,D.W.(2014).Numerical and experimental study on apulsed-dc plasma jet.Plasma Sources Sci.Technol.23,35007.

Liu,J.H.,Liu,X.Y.,Hu,K.,Liu,D.W.,Lu,X.P.,Iza,F.,and Kong,M.G.(2011).Plasma plume propagation characteristics of pulse dradio frequency plasma jet.Appl.Phys.Lett.98,151502.

Awards and Honors

The nature science prize of Hubei province,2011

Courses Taught

Electric Circuit

The application of low temperature plasma


As the project leader,presided over three projects of National Nature Science Foundation of China,and two projects of AEET National statekey laboratory.

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