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Academic Areas: Low Temperature Plasma

Research Interests:

Yong Yang is currently a professor at the School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Huazhong University of Science and Technology,Wuhan,China.He received his and from Tsinghua University in Beijing,China.He completed in Drexel Plasma Institute at Drexel University in Philadelphia,US,where he held the prestigious Provost Fellowship and George Hill Fellowship,and was also the winner of 2011 Drexel Research Excellence Award.Currently he is working closely with faculties and students from the Low Temperature Plasma Laboratory at SEEE on atmospheric pressure plasmas in various media and their diagnostics.He has authored/co-authored over 20 peer-reviewed publications.He received the 2014 HUST New Faculty Research Excellence Award.

Academic Degrees

PhD,2006-2011,Drexel University,Philadelphia,US;

MS,2003-2006,Tsinghua University,Beijing,China;

BS,1999-2003,Tsinghua University,Beijing,China;

Professional Experience

Professor(2016-present):School of Electronic Engineering and Technology,Huazhong University of Science and Technology;

Associated Professor(2011-2015):School of Electronic Engineering and Technology,Huazhong University of Science and Technology;

Selected Publications

Y.Yang,Y.Cho,A.Fridman,Plasma Discharge in Liquid:Water Treatment and Applications,CRC Press,2012(ISBN:1439866236)

Tu,Y.,Xia,H.,Yang,Y.,Lu,X.,Time-resolved imaging of electrical discharge development in underwater bubbles,Physics of Plasmas 23,2016,013507.

Xia,H.,Yang,Y.,Liquid chemical sensing by emission spectroscopy with anano second pinholed is charge in water,Review of Scientific Instruments 86,2015,016101

Zou,D.,Yang,Y.,Pei,X.,Qaisrani,H.,Lu,X.,Hybrid Simulation of Interaction Between Airflow and Plasma Induced by Electron Beam,IEEE Trans.Plasma Sci.43,2015,3620

Wu,S.,Pei,X.K.,Gou,J,Zhou,K,Yang,Y.,A Novel Room-Temperature Air Plasma Jet Array Driven by DC Power Supply,IEEE Trans.Plasma Sci.422014,2460

Gong,W.,Huang,Q.,Wang,Z.,Yang,Y.,Effect of Pulse Risetime on Plasma Plume Propagation Velocity,IEEE Trans.Plasma Sci.42,2014,2868

Yang,Y.,Kim,H.,Cho,Y.,Fridman,A.,An underwater multi-channel plasma array for watersterilization,Review of Scientific Instruments 82,2011,096103

Yang,Y.,Cho,Y.I.,Friedman,G.,Fridman,A.&Fridman,G.Self-organization and migration of dielectric barrier discharge filaments inargon gasflow.IEEE Transactionson Plasma Science.39,2011,2060.

Yang,Y.,Kim,H.,Starikovskiy,A.,Fridman,A.&Cho,Y.I.Pulsed multichannel discharge array in water with stacked circular diskelectrodes.IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 39,2011,2624.

Y.Yang,H.Kim,A.Starikovskiy,A.Fridman,Y.Cho,Application of pulsed spark discharge for calcium carbonate precipitation in hardwater,Water Research44,2010,3659-3668

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