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Academic Areas: Electric Power Engineering

Research Interests:

Shi Jing is an Associate Professor at the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Huazhong University of Science and Technology.She focuses on applied superconductivity in power system,and application of energy storage in power system.She presides or participates projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China,National High Technology Research and Development Program of China(863program),National Basic Research Program of China-973Program and Specialized Research Fund for ITER.And the first conduction-cooled Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage System(SMES)–35kJ/7kWSMES is developed and tested successfully.She published about 20 papers on the applied superconductivity,and 12 papers are indexed by SCI.Recipient of the second prize of Hubei province natural science.The doctoral dissertation was anominated paper of National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of PR China.

Academic Degrees

Ph.D in Electric Engineering,2008,Huazhong University of Science and Technology(master-doctor continuous study);

B.E in Automation of Electric Power Systems,2003,Zhengzhou University.

Professional Experience

At Huazhong University of Science and Technology since 2008.School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,Associate Professor(2011-present);School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,Lecturer(2010-2011);School of Mechanical Science&Engineering,Postdoctoral Fellow(2008-2010).

Selected Publications

Jing Shi,Yuejin Tang,Yusheng Zhou,Jinglin Chen,Dehong Xu,Huiling Wang,Yafeng Lu,Li Ren,Bin Wei,Jingdong Li,Shijie Cheng,Development of a Conduction-Cooled HTSSMES.IEEE Trans.onASC,2007,17(3):3846-3852

Jing Shi,Yuejin Tang,Chen Wang,Yusheng Zhou,Jingdong Li,LiRen,Shijie Cheng,Active superconducting DC fault current limiter based on fluxcompensation.Physica C:Superconductivity and its Applications,2006,442(2):108-112

Jing Shi,Yuejin Tang,Lei Chen,etal.The Application of Active Superconducting DC Fault Current Limiter in hybrid AC/DC power supply systems.IEEE Trans.on ASC,2008,18(2):672-675

Jing Shi,Yuejin Tang,Li Ren,Jingdong Li,Shijie Cheng.Discretization-based Decoupled State-Feedback Control for Current Source Power Conditioning System of SMES.IEEE Trans.On Power Delivery,2008,23(4):2097-2104

Jing Shi,Yuejin Tang,Zhi Li,etal.Temperature Characteristic of a Conduction-Cooled HTSSMES Magnet.IEEE Trans.On ASC,2009,19(3):2044-2047

Jing Shi,Yuejin Tang,Li Ren,Jingdong Li,Shijie Cheng.The Phasor Type Model of SMES.Physica C:Superconductivity and its Applications,2009,469(15-20):1785-1788

Jing Shi,Yuejin Tang,Kai Yang,Lei Chen,Li Ren,Jingdong Li,Shijie Cheng.SMES Based Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Voltage Fluctuations Compensation.IEEE Trans.On ASC,2010,20(3):1360-1364

J Shi,Y Tang,T Dai,L Ren,J Li,S Cheng.Determination of SMES Capacity to Enhance the Dynamic Stability of Power System.Physica C:Superconductivity and its Applications,2010,470(20):1707-1710

Jing Shi,Yuejin Tang,Yajun Xia,Li Ren,Jingdong Li.SMES Based Excitation System for Doubly-fed Induction Generator in Wind Power Application.IEEE Trans.On ASC,2011,21(3):1105-1108

Jing Shi,Yuejin Tang,Yajun Xia,Li Ren,Jingdong Li,Fengshun Jiao.Energy Function based SMES Controller for Transient Stability Enhancement.IEEE Trans.on ASC,2012,22(3):5701304

Courses Taught

Electric Circuit

Circuit Measurement Technology

Superconducting Electrical Power Technology

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