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Academic Areas: Plasma Physics,Tokamak Physics and Experiment,Science and Technology of Magnetic Confined Fusion,High Temperature Plasma Diagnostics

Research Interests:

Ge Zhuang is aprofessor of SEEE and the director of Institute of Fusion and Plasma Research.He is one of the members of China Magnetic Confined Fusion Experts Committee,China Magnetic Confined Fusion Reactor Design Group,and Coordinate Committee of the International Tokamak Physics Activity.He is also the vice chairman of Division of Plasma Physics,Chinese Society of Physics.His research interests focus on Tokamak Physics and Experiment,Science and Technology of Magnetic Confined Fusion,High Temperature Plasma Diagnostics,and so on.

Academic Degrees Physics,University of Science and Technology of China,Hefei,China,December 1999. Physics,University of Science and Technology of China,Hefei,China,September 1993.

Professional Experience

Professor(April 2006–Present),Institute of Fusion and Plasma Research,School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,Huazhong University of Science and Technology,China

Physicist(June 2001-March 2006),Research Center of Plasma Physics Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne,Switzerland

Postdoctoral Researcher(Feb.2000-May.2001),COMMISSARIA Tàl' ENERGIEATOMIQUE–Cadarache,Direction des Sciences dela Matière,Département de Recherch essurla Fusion Nucléaire Contrôlée,France.

Selected Publications

G.Zhuang,,etal,“Overview of the recent research on the J-TEXT to kamak”,Nuclear Fusion,Vol.55(2015),104003

J.Chen,GZhuang,etal,"Equilibrium reconstruction based on core magnetic measurement and its applications on equilibrium transition in Joint-TEXT to kamak",Review of Scientific Instruments,Vol.85(2014),103501

J.Luo,GZhuang,etal,"Improvement of the edgerotation diagnostic spectrum analysis viasimulation",Review of Scientific Instruments,Vol.85(2014),11E427

Y.Chi,GZhuang,etal,"Design of charge exchange recombination spectros copy for the joint Texas experimental to kamak",Review of Scientific Instruments,Vol.85(2014),11E421

J.Chen,GZhuang,etal,"High resolution polarimeter-interferometer system for faste quilibrium dynamics and MHD in stability studies on Joint-TEXT to kamak(invited)",Review of Scientific Instruments,Vol.85(2014),11D303

Q.M.Hu,G.Zhuang,etal,“Enhanced particle transport caused by resonantmagnetic perturbations in the J-TEXT to kamak”,Nuclear Fusion,Vol.54(2014),064013


G.Zhuang,etal,“Firstresults of the J-TEXT high-resolution 3-wave polarimeter-interferometer system”,Journal of Instrumentation,Vol.8(2013),C10019

G.Zhuang,etal,“The recent research work on the J-TEXT to kamak”,Nuclear Fusion,Vol.53(2013),104014

Feng,XD,Zhuang,Getal.,“Observation of inverse sawtooth activity on centrals of tX-ray emission during impurity injection in the J-TEXT to kamak”,Physics LetterA,377(2013),2959-2965

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Qiming Hu,etal,G.Zhuang,Effect of Externally Applied Resonant Magnetic Perturbationson Resistive Tearing Modes,Nuclear Fusion,Vol.52(2012),080311

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Bo Rao,GeZhuang,etal,"Design of the In-Vessel Magnetic Coils for Generating a Rotating Resonant Magnetic Perturbation on the J-TEXT To kamak Plasma",IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity,Vol.22(2012)4201804

G.Zhuang,etal,The Reconstruction and Research Progress of the TEXT-U To kamak in China,Nuclear Fusion,Vol.51(2011),094020

J.Chen,L.Gao,G.Zhuang,etal,"Design offar-in frared three-wave polarimeter-interferometer system for the J-TEXT To komak",Rev.Sci.Instrum.81(2010)10D502

R Behn,etal,Ge Zhuang,etal,Edge profiles of electron temperature and density during ELMyH-modeinohmically heated TCV plasmas,Plasma Phys.Control.Fusion49(2007)1289–1308

G.Zhuang,etal,Influence of Non-Maxwellian Velocity Distributions during ECRH and ECCD on Electron Temperature Measurements by Thomson Scattering,Plasma Phys.Control.Fusion,Vol.47(2005),1539-1558

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