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Academic Areas: Magneto hydro dynamic instability,Plasma physics

Research Interests:

Yonghua Ding is the Professsor of SEEE.He is one of the members of ITPA.His main research are as experimental and theoretical study on MHD instability in tokamak plasma.He focuses on MHD instabilities control by using resonant magnetic perturbations.

Academic Degrees

PhD in Plasmap hysics,HUST,2009

ME in Plasma physics,HUST,2005

BS in Physics,Wuhan University,1997

Professional Experience

WJin,YH Ding*,BRao,eatl.Dependence of plasma response stoan externally applied perturbation field on MH Doscillation frequency on the J-TEXT tokamak,Plasma Phys.Control.Fusion55(2013)035010(10pp)

B.Rao,Y.H.Ding*,Q.M.Hu,eatl,Tearing mode suppression by using resonant magnetic perturbation coilson J-TEXT tokamak,Physics LettersA377(2013)315–318

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Y.H.Ding,G.Zhuang,Y.Pan,Calculation of Magnetic Field in J-TEXT with an Unsaturated Iron Core,PLASMA SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY,2009,11(4):456~459

Y.H.Ding,G.Zhuang,X.Q.Zhang,W.G.Ba,M.Zhang,J.J.Yao,W.J.Wang and Y.Pan.The printed circuit board Rogows kicoils for plasma current measurements on the J-TEXT tokamak.PLASMA DEVICES AND OPERATIONS, 2009,17(1):8~15

Ding,Y.H.,Wang,N.C.,Rao,B.,Jin,X.S.,Chen,Z.P.,Hu,Q.,Jin,H.,Jin,W.,Li,J.C.,Xie,S.J.,Yi,B.,Zhuang,G.,Pan,Y.,Analytical compensation of axisymmetric equilibrium fluxe spicke dupby locked mode detect or sin tokamaks,Review of Scientific Instruments 85,(2014).

Rao,B.,Ding,Y.,Hu,Q.,Wang,N.,Yi,B.,Zheng,M.,Jin,W.,Li,J.,Cheng,Z.,Yu,Q.,Yu,K.,Zhuang,G.,First observation of rotation acceleration of magnetic island by using rotating resonant magnetic perturbation on the J-TEXT tokamak,Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 55,122001(2013).

Hu,Q.,Rao,B.,Yu,Q.,Ding,Y.,Zhuang,G.,Jin,W.,Hu,X.,Understanding the effect of resonant magnetic perturbations on tearing mode dynamics,Physics of Plasmas20,092502(2013).

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