Associate Professor

Phone: +86-27-87793005


Academic Areas: Disruption and mitigation, numerical simulation

Research Interests:

Jiang Zhonghe is the Lecturer of SEEE. His main research area is numerical simulation and study on MHD instabilities in tokamak plasma. He focuses on numerical modeling and Disruption and mitigation.

Academic Degrees

PhD in Plasma physics, HUST, 2004

Master in particle and nuclear physics , IMP,CAS, 2000

BA in applied physics, Anhui University, 1994

Selected Publications

HE Yong,Jiang Zhonghe,Hu Xiwei and Liu Minghai. Plasma Science and Technology, 9(2007), 180-184.

R Bilato, M Brambilla, Z Jiang. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 401 (2012) 012001.

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