Associate Professor

Phone: +86-27-87793004-8317


Academic Areas: Power supply and control technology

Research Interests:

Ming Zhang is the Associate Professor of SEEE.His research is focusing on fusion power supply and control,high power electronics and pulse power technology.

Academic Degrees

PhD in electrical engineering,HUST,2008

ME in pulse power and plasma,HUST,2005

BE in Electrical Engineering and Automation,HUST,2002

Professional Experience

Associate Professor at HUST,(2010-present);

Lecturer at HUST(2008-2010);

Selected Publications

Zhang M,XiaLL,etal.“A Control Strategy for Inverter Type High Voltage Power Supply for NBI”,Journal of Fusion Energy,Volume 34,Issue2,April 2015,Pages361-364.

Zhang M,He Yang,etal.“Divertor Power Supply System for J-TEXT”,Journal of Fusion Energy,Volume 34,Issue3,June 2015,Pages 509-512.

XiaLL,Zhang M,etal,“Analysis of the Soft-Start Circuit of the High Voltage Power Supply Based on PSM Technology”,IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science,Volume 42,Issue 4,April 2014,Pages 1026-1031.

Ma ShaoXiang,Zhang M,etal,“A Control System Based on PXI Technology for the ECRH Power Supply of J-TEXT”,IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science,Volume 42,Issue 6,June 2014,Pages 1709-1713.

Wei Zheng,Ming Zhang,Jing zhang,etal.,“J-TEXT-EPICS:An EPIC Stoolkit attempt edtoim prove productivity”,Fusion Engineering and Design.Volume 88,Issue11,November 2013,Pages3041-3045.

Courses Taught

Fusion Principles

Pulse Power Technology

Fundamentals of Circuit Measurement Technology

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