Associate Professor

Phone: 86-27-87793004-8321


Academic Areas: fusion plasma experiment

Research Interests:

Zhoujun Yang is an associate professor of SEEE.His research interests focus on fusion plasma experiment and microwave diagnostics for plasma.

Academic Degrees Plasma physics,HUST,2009. Plasma physics,HUST,2006. Physics,HUST,2003.

Professional Experience

Associate Professor,

Institute of Fusion and Plasma Research,School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,

Huazhong University of Science and Technology,China(Nov.2013-Present).


Institute of Fusion and Plasma Research,School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,

Huazhong University of Science and Technology,China(Jul.2009-Otc.2013).

Visiting Scholar

University of Texasat Austin,Plasma Physics department,USA(Dec.2013-May.2014).

DIII-D national fusion facility,USA(May.2014-Dec.2014).

Selected Publications

Z.J.Yang,Y.Xiao,X.D.Ma,etal.,“The design of acorrelation electron cyclotrone mission system on J-TEXT”,Review of Scientific Instruments 86,043501(2015).

J.S.Xiao,Z.J.Yang,M.H.Liu,etal.,“A Supersonic Molecular Beam Injection System on the J-TEXT Tokamak”,Journal of Fusion Energy,v34(5),1020-1026,(2015).

G.Zhuang,K.W.Gentle,J.Chen,B.Rao,..,Z.J.Yang,etal.,“Overview of the recent research on the J-TEXT tokamak”,Nucl.Fusion 55104003(2015).

 J.S.Xiao,Z.J.Yang,G.Zhuang,etal.,“Plasma response to supersonic molecular beam injection in J-TEXT”,Plasma Science and Technology,16(1),17-20,(2014).

J.Li,Z.J.Yang,L.Gao and etal.,“Design of digital multi-radian phased etectoron J-TEXT”,Plasma Science and Technology,16(10),974-977,(2014).

X.D.Feng,G.Zhuang,Z.J.Yang and etal.,“Observation of the bifurcation of tearing modes dueto supersonic gas injected into the J-TEXT plasmas”,Physics Letters A,378(16-17),1147-1152,(2014).

J.S.Xiao,Z.J.Yang,G.Zhuang,etal.,“Fueling performance of supersonic molecular beam injectionon the J-TEXT tokamak”,IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science,v41(12),p3675-3679,(2013).

X.D.Feng,G.Zhuang,Z.J.Yang and etal.,“Design and implementation of a 150GHz single-channel millimeter wave interfer ometeron Joint TEXT tokamak”,Review of scientific instruments,84(4),044705,(2013).

G.Zhuang,K.W.Gentle,J.Chen,B.Rao,..,Z.J.Yang,etal.,“Recent research work on the J-TEXT tokamak”,Nuclear Fusion53,104014,(2013).

Z.J.Yang,P.E.Phillips,G.Zhuang and et.,“A16-channel heterodyne electroncy clotron emission radiometeron J-TEXT”,Review of Scientific Instrument,83(10),10E313,(2012).

G.Zhuang,Y.Pan,..,Z.J.Yang and etal.,“The reconstruction and research progress of the TEXT-U tokamak in China”,Nuclear Fusion,51(9),094020,(2011).

Y.He,Z.J.Yang,W.G.Baandetal.,“Calculation of the poloidal magnetic field configuration for the J-TEXT Tokamak”,IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity,20(3),1840-1843,(2010)

Z.J.Yang,G.Zhuang,X.W.Hu and Y.Pan,“Center control system of J-TEXT Tokamak based on QNXRTOS”,Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology,37(6),20-3,(2009).

Z.J.Yang,G.Zhuang,X.W.Hu and etal.,“Design and realization of the J-TEXT tokamak central control system”,Fusion Engineering and Design,84(12),2093-2099,(2009)

Awards and Honors

MOST,“Experiment study for the effect on low loop voltage plasma startup and plasma confinement by electron drift injection”,Jan.2015-Dec.2019.

NSFC,“Experiment study on the effect of tokamak plasma by Supersonic molecule injection”,Jan.2011-Dec.2013.

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