Associate professor

Phone: +86-27-87793005+8307


Academic Areas: Fusion plasma control,Plasmar otation and moment transport,

Research Interests:

Chen Zhipeng is the Associate professor of SEEE.His engineer work is focused on the plasma control and tokamak operation.Meanwhile,his main physical research area is experimental study on plasma rotation and moment transport in tokamak.He is also incharge of the electrostatic and magnetic diagnostics on J-TEXT tokamak.

Academic Degrees

PhD in Plasma physics,USTC,2010

BA in Plasma physics,USTC,2004

Selected Publications

The influence of electrode biasing on plasmac onfinement in the J-TEXT tokamak,PLASMA PHYSICS AND CONTROL LED FUSION,0741-3335,2014.1

The construction of an electrode biasing system for driving plasma rotation in J-TEXT tokamak,REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS,0034-6748,2014.5

Plasma horizontal position control for the J-TEXT tokamak based on feed for ward density compensation,PLASMA PHYSICS AND CONTROLLED FUSION,0741-3335,2014.4

Robust control design for the plasma horizontal position control on J-TEXT Tokamak,FUSION ENGINEER IN GAND DESIGN,0920-3796,2013.11

Study of the generation and suppression of runaway currents in provoked disruptions in J-TEXT,PHYSICS LETTERSA,0375-9601,2012.5

Experimental Studies of Electrostatic Fluctuations and Turbulent Transport in the Boundary of J-TEXT Tokamak Using Reciprocating Probe,PLASMA SCIENCE&TECHNOLOGY,1009-0630,2012.11

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