Phone: +86-27-87793005-8305

Email: chengfe@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: Magneto hydrodynamic instability,numerical modeling

Research Interests:

Cheng Zhifeng is the Lecturer of SEEE.His research interests focus on the plasma diagnostic technology and fusion plasma experiment,including the advanced spectroscopy diagnostic,impurity transport in high temperature plasma and so on.

Academic Degrees

Ph.D.in Space Physics,GUCAS,2010

B.S.in Applied Physics,USTC,2005

Professional Experience

Cheng ZF,Luo J,Wang ZJ,etal.Measurement of the edge plasma rotationon J-TEXT tokamak[J].Review of Scientific Instruments,2013,84(7):073508.

Cheng ZF,Luo J,Wang ZJ,etal.Edge impurity rotation profile measurement by using high-resolution ultraviolet/visible spectrometeron J-TEXTa)[J].Review of Scientific Instruments,2014,85(11):11E423.

Zhang XL,Cheng ZF*,Hou SY,etal.Upgrade of absolute extreme ultraviolet diagnostic on J-TEXTa)[J].Review of Scientific Instruments,2014,85(11):11E420.

ZepinZ,Zhifeng C*,Jian LUO,etal.Implementation of Automatic Process of Edge Rotation Diagnostic System on J-TEXT Tokamak [J].Plasma Science and Technology,2014,16(8):789.

Luo J,Zhuang G,Cheng ZF,etal.Improvement of the edge rotation diagnostic spectrum analysis via simulationa)[J].Review of Scientific Instruments,2014,85(11):11E427.

Chi Y,Zhuang G,Cheng ZF,etal.Design of charge exchange recombination spectroscopy for the joint Texas experimental tokamaka)[J].Review of Scientific Instruments,2014,85(11):11E421.

Awards and Honors

NSFC,“Influence of edge plasma rotationon penetration threshold of resonant magnetic perturbation in tokamak”,Jan.2014-Dec.2016.

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