Phone: +86-027-87793005-8023

Email: borao@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: electromagnetic computation and device design

Research Interests:

Bo Rao works in Institute of Fusion and Plasma Research(IFPR),SEEE of HUST.His research focuses on MH Dinstabilities such as tearing modes in tokamaks,and their control with external magnetic perturbations.His research interest also includes electromagnetic computation and device design,and EMC in a tokamak system.

Academic Degrees

PhD in Electrical Engineering,HUST,Wuhan,2013

BS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering,HUST,2008.

Professional Experience

July 2013—Present,Lecturer in IFPR of HUST

Selected Publications

B.Rao,Y.H.Ding,K.X.Yu,etal.Measurement of 2/1Intrinsic Error Field of J-TEXT Tokamak,Review of Scientific Instruments 84(2013)043504.

B.Rao,Y.H.Ding,etal.First Observation of Mode Locking by Dynamic Resonant Magnetic Perturbationon the J-TEXT tokamak.Plasma Phys.Control.Fusion 55(2013)122001.

B.Rao,Y.H.Ding,K.X.Yu,etal.Introduction to Resonant Magnetic Perturbation Coils of theJ-TEXT Tokamak.Fusion Engineering and Design 89(2014)378–384.

B.Rao,G.Zhuang,M.Zhang,Y.H.Ding,K.X.Yu,etal.,Design of the In-Vessel Magnetic Coils for Generating a Rotating Resonant Magnetic Perturbation on the J-TEXT Tokamak Plasma.IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity 22(2012)4201804.

B.Rao,Y.H.Ding,Q.M.Hu,etal.Tearing mode suppression by using resonant magnetic perturbation coils on J-TEXT tokamak.Physics Letters A 377(2013)315–318.

Q.M.Hu,Q.Yu,Bo Rao,Y.H.Ding,etal.Effect of externally applied resonant magnetic perturbations on resistive tearing modes.Nucl.Fusion 52(2012)083011.

B.Yi,B.Rao etal.,A novel method to optimize the mode spectrum of the dynamic resonant magnetic perturbation on the J-TEXT tokamak.Review of Scientific Instruments 85(2014)113501.

G.Zhuang,K.W.Gentle,B.Rao,etal.The Recent Research Work on the J-TEXT Tokamak.Nucl.Fusion 53(2013)104014.


B Rao,YH Ding,etal.,The Preliminary Experimental Results of Resonant Magnetic Perturbation CoilsonJ-TEXT Tokamak.The 54th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics,Providence,Rhode Island,October 29–November2,2012,.Oraltalk:TO6.00006:

Bo Rao,Ge Zhuang,etal.,Recent Progress of Research on Interactions between RMP and Tearing Modeson J-TEXT.The 22nd ITPA Topical Group Meeting on MHD,Disruption and Control,Hefei,China,October8-11,2013.Oraltalk.

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