Phone: +86-27-87793005

Email: zhengwei@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: Big physics control,data acquisition

Research Interests:

Wei Zheng is the Lecturer of SEEE.His main research area is control,data acquisition for large physics experimental devices.He focuses on data acquisition and storage,SCADA for large experimental devices and real-time control system.

Academic Degrees

PhD in Electrical Engineering,HUST,2014

BA in Control Science and Engineering,HUST,2009

Selected Publications

Zheng,W.,etal.,The timing system on the J-TEXT tokamak.Fusion Engineering and Design,2014.89(1):p.11-15.

Zheng,W.,etal.,The J-TEXT CODAC system design and implementation.Fusion Engineering and Design,2014.89(5):p.600-603.

Zheng,W.,etal.,Design of FPGA based high-speed data acquisition and real-time data processing system on J-TEXT tokamak.Fusion Engineering and Design,2014.89(5):p.698-701.

Zhang,J.,etal.,Design and application of an EPICS compatibles low plant system controller in J-TEXT tokamak.Fusion Engineering and Design,2014.89(5):p.604-607.

Yin,X.,etal.,A modularized operator interface framework for Tokamak based on MVC design pattern.Fusion Engineering and Design,2014.89(5):p.628-632.

Yang,C.,etal.,The upgrade of the J-TEXT experimental data access and management system.Fusion Engineering and Design,2014.8 9(5):p.726-730.

Guo zhen,Z.,etal.,The Design of Global Interlock System in J-TEXT.Plasma Science,IEEE Transactionson,2014.42(6):p.1775-1779.

Zheng,W.,etal.,Real-Time Fast Controller Prototype for J-TEXT Tokamak.Nuclear Science,IEEE Transactionson,2014.61(2):p.750-755.

Zheng,W.,etal.,Service-Oriented Remote Operation System for J-TEXT Tokamak.Plasma Science,IEEE Transactionson,2014.42(3):p.477-481.

He,Y.,etal.,The real-time controller upgrade for J-TEXTCODAC System.Fusion Engineering and Design,2013.88(6–8):p.1055-1058.

Zheng,W.,etal.,J-TEXT-EPICS:An EPIC Stoolkit attempted to improve productivity.Fusion Engineering and Design,2013.88(11):p.3041-3045.

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