Phone: +86-15926393301

Email: mashaoxiang@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: highvoltage powersupply,control technology

Research Interests:

Shaoxiang Ma is the Lecturer of SEEE.His main research area is highvoltage powersupply for auxiliary heating system on fusion devices.He focuses on the power topological structure and control technology.

Academic Degrees

PhD in Electrical Engineering,HUST,2015

BA in Electrical and Electronic Engineering,HUST,2010

Selected Publications

Ma SX,Zhang M,Xia LL,Zhang XL,Wang CL,Yu KX.Analysis and Design of the Module for PSM High-Voltage Power Supply.Journal of Fusion Energy,2015,34(2):261-266.

Ma SX,Zhang M,Xia LL,Chen DH,Zhang XL,Wang CL,Yu KX.Study and Design a Strategy to Control High-Voltage Power Supply Based on PSM Technology on J-TEXT Tokamak.Journal of Fusion Energy,2014,33(6):693-701.

Ma SX,ZhangM,Chen DH,Xia LL,ZengZ,Zhang XL,Wang CL,Yu KX.A Control System Based on PXI Technology for the ECRH Power Supply of J-TEXT.Plasma Science,IEEE Transactions on,2014,42(6):1709-1713.

Ma SX,Zhang M,Xia LL,Chen DH,Zeng Z,Zhang XL,Wang CL,YuKX.Overview of 100-kV/60-A High-Voltage Power Supply Utilized for the ECRH System on J-TEXT Tokamak.Plasma Science,IEEE Transactions on,2014,42(3):656-663.

Ma SX,Zhang M,Xia LL,Yu KX.High-voltage power supply for ECRH system on J-TEXT Tokamak.in:Fusion Engineering(SOFE),2013 IEEE 25th Symposium on.San Francisco,CA,USA:IEEE,2013.1-5.

Zhang M,HeY,Ma SX,XieX,Peng YY,Yu KX.Divertor Power Supply System for J-TEXT.Journal of Fusion Energy,2015,34(3):509-512.

Xia LL,Zhang M,Ma SX,Yu KX.Analysis of the Soft-Start Circuit of the High Voltage Power Supply Based on PSM Technology.Plasma Science,IEEE Transactions on,2014,42(4):1026-1031.

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