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Academic Areas: sawtooth in stability in tokamak plasma

Research Interests:

Xiaoqing Zhang is the Engineer of SEEE.Her main research area is experimental study on sawtooth in stability in tokamak plasma.

Academic Degrees Plasma physics,HUST,2005 Physics,Liaocheng University,Liaocheng,China,July 2002.

Selected Publications

Jianchao Li,Yonghua Ding,Xiaoqing Zhang,Design of the high-resolutions of tX-ray imaging system on the JointTexas Experimental Tokamak,REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS 85,11E414(2014)

Z.Y.Chen,Y.Zhang,X.Q.Zhang*,Measurement of the runaway electrons in the J-TEXT tokamak,Rev.Sci.Instrum.2012,83,056108(1~3)

Y.H.Ding,G.Zhuang,X.Q.Zhang,Soft X-ray imaging diagnostic system on the J-TEXT tokamak,NUCLEAR INSTRUMENTS&METHODS IN PHYSICS RESEARCH SECTIONA.2009,606(3):743~748

X.Q.Zhang,B.N.Wanand B.Shen,Investigation of the Energy Confinement in Ohmicand LHCD Plasma in HT-7,Plasma Science&Technology,2006,8,141-146

Jin,W,Ding,Y.H,Rao,B,Hu,Q,Jin,X.S,Wang,N.C.,Zhang,X.Q,Wang,Z.J.,Chen,Z.Y.,Zhuang,G.,the,J.T.T.,Dependence of plasma response stoan externally applied perturbation field on MH Doscillation frequency on the J-TEXT tokamak,Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion55,035010(2013).

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