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Academic Areas: Electric and Electronic Engineering

Research Interests: Electric Machines;FEL Terahertz source

Academic Degrees

PhD in Electric Machinery,1995,Huazhong University of Science and Technology(HUST);

BE in Electric Machinery,1988,HUST.

Professional Experience

2007-present:Professor,College of Electrical and Electronic Engineering(CEEE),HUST

2000-2007:Associate Professor,CEEE,HUST

1995-2000:Lecture,Department of Electrical Engineering,HUST

1998-1999:Research Assistant,Department of Electrical Engineering,HUST

Selected Publications

Zeng H,XiongY*,Pei Y.The Effects of Magnetic Fringe Fields on Beam Dynamics in a Beam Transport Line of a Terahertz FEL Source.Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers,Detectors and Associated Equipment,2014,764:284-290

Bang Wu,LeiCao,Qiang Fu,Ping Tan,Yongqian Xiong*.Comparison of The Detection Performance of Three Nonlinear Crystals For The Electro-Optic Sampling of AFEL-THz Source.Proceedings of IPAC 2014, Dresden,Germany,2014

Lei Yang,Jun Yang,Xialing Liu,Yongqian Xiong,Tiaoqing Yu.Study on Eddy Current Power Losses in Insulated Core Transformer Primary Coil.Proceedings of IPAC 2012,New Orleans,Louisiana,USA,2012

Yongqian Xiong,Wei Xiao,Jian Xiong,Hao Tang,Zuoqing Ning.PLC and PC Based Monitoring and Control System of the Switch gear Testing Laboratory.11th International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems,Oct.17-20,2008

Xiong Yongqian,Xiao Wei,Ning Zuoqing.Design and Implementation of Monitoring and Control System for the Large Sized Switch Apparatus Testing Station.Low Voltage Apparatus.No.6,2006(in Chinese)

Yongqian Xiong,Langru Li,Zhiyun Ma.Analysis and Modeling of the Active Compulsator.IEEE Trans.on Magn.,Vol.39,No.1,January 2003

Xiong Yongqian,Ma Zhiyun,Li Langru,Xu Shizhang.The Effects of Saturation in Active Compensator.Transactions of China Electrotechnical Society,Vol.16,No.3,2001(in Chinese)

Awards and Honors

The science and technology progress prize of Hubei province,2004

The science and technology progress prize of Hunan province,2001

Courses Taught

0833361:Electric Machinery

0833451:The Principle and Application of Particle Accelerator

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