Phone: +86-18971623419

Email: lidonghust@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: RFT echnology and control

Research Interests:

Dong Li is a lecturer of College of Electrical and Electronic Engineering(CEEE).Participated in the low-energy medical cyclotron for positron emission to mography(PET),and RF negative ionsource.Main research direction:the design and implementation of the medical cyclotron control system,high-power RF power source and impedance matching system,and electromagnetic field analysis and calculation.

Academic Degrees

Ph.D.in Electrical Machinery and Control Engineering,2011,HUST,CEEE

Master in Electrical Theory and New Technology,2008,HUST,CEEE

Professional Experience

At HUST since 2011,College of Electrical and Electronic Engineering(CEEE)

Selected Publications

D.Li,T.Hu,J.Huang,K.Liu,J.Yang,B.Qin,L.Yang.Development of 12kWRF power supply for CYCHU-10 cyclotron,Proceedings of IPAC 2012,New Orleans,USA,2012,THPPC056:3416-3418

LIDong,HUTongNing*,LIUKaiFeng,YANGJun.Design and Research of RF System for 10MeV Compact Cyclotron.Science China Physics,Mechanics&Astronomy,54(suppl2):s225-230,2011

DongLi,TongningHu,LeiCao,QinBin,YangJun,HuangJiang.Design and Test of 10kWRF Amplifier Based on Direct Digital Synthesizer,Proceedings of PAC'09,Vancouver,2009,TU5PFP030:885-887

LIDong,GAOMin,HUTong-ning,YANGJun,QINBin.Design of RF amplifier based on direct digital synthesizer output.High Power Laser and Particle Beams,2008,20(10):1707-1710

TongningHu,DongLi,PingTan,JunYang,TiaoqinYu,XiaoHu,JiangHuang.Design and analysis of RF cavities for the cyclotron CYCHU-10.IPAC 2010,2012.05.23-28,3744-3746,Kyoto,2010

Courses Taught

Electric Circuit Theory

Circuit Measurement Technology

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