Phone: 02787557634

Email: kfliuhust@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: mechanical and vacuum engineering of charged particle accelerators

Research Interests:

Now mainly engaged in the design and manufacture technology study for a 250MeV superconducting cyclotron and the beam transport line for a proton therapy equipment which is underconstruction in HUST.Now responsible for 1subsidiary subject of National Key Technology R&D Program.

Academic Degrees

2012,School of Electrical&Electronic Engineering,Huazhong University of Sci.&Tech.Ph.D.in Electrical Engineering.

2009,School of Electrical&Electronic Engineering,Huazhong University of Sci.&Tech.Master in Electrical Engineering.

2005,School of Mechanical Science and Engineering,Huazhong University of Sci.&Tech.Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering

Professional Experience

Lecture(2012-Present),School of Electrical&Electronic Engineering,Huazhong University of Sci.&Tech..

Selected Publications

LiuX,LiuK*,QinB,etal.Optical alignment and tuning system for the HUST THz-FEL.Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research SectionA:Accelerators,Spectrometers,Detectors and Associated Equipment, Issue.837,pp.58-62,2016

DezhiChen,KaifengLiu,JunYang,etal.Fast and Accurate Magnetic Field Shimming for A Compact Cyclotron.IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE,VOL.60,NO.3,JUNE2013.

BQin,JYang,KFLiu,DZChen,etal.Precise isochronous field shimming using correlation matrix for compact cyclotrons.Nuclear Instruments&Methods in Physics Research.691(691):129–134,2012

Courses Taught

Fundamentals of circuit measurement technology.


2016-2020 Research and development of proton therapy equipment based on superconducting cyclotrons.The national key research and development program 2016.

2015-2017 Key technology of tridi mensional exhibition of science and technology museum,subsidiary subject of National Key Technology Research and Development Program.

2011-2014 Study on the key technology and eng ineering of the driver of ITERRF negative ionsource,ITER Project.

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