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Academic Areas: Magneto-optics,Nonlinear Optics and Photonics

Research Interests:

Junbo Han is a full Professor at Wuhan National High Magnetic Field Center in Huazhong University of Science and Technology(HUST).He is now the PIof magneto-optics group,and his research interests include(1)Novel photo luminescence phenomena of luminescent materials under high magnetic field,(2)Nonlinear optical and magneto-optical properties of noble metal and noble metal-semiconductor composite nanostructures,(3)Research and development of pump-probe and micro-imaging setups under magnetic fields at low temperature.And these researches have been supported by the grants from HUST and the National Scientific Foundation of China.He has published more than 70 reviewed papers in fields of optics,applied physics and materials.He is now a Ph.D and master supervisor in the major of optics and he welcomes the students and postdocs from Physics and optoelectronics to join his group.

Academic Degrees

Postdoc(2008.12-2010.9),Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,University of Toronto,Canada.

PhD student(2002.9-2007.6),Department of Physics,Wuhan University,P.R.China.

Undergraduate student(1998.9-2002.6),Department of Physics,Wuhan University,P.R.China.

Professional Experience

Wuhan National High Magnetic Field Center,HUST,Associate Professor(2014.12-Present);

Wuhan National High Magnetic Field Center,HUST,Associate Professor(2010.10-2014.11);

Wuhan R&D center of Delta Electronics,Senior engineer(2007.7-2008.12)

Selected Publications

Probing Exciton Move and Localization in Solution-Grown Colloidal CdSexS1−xAlloyed Nanowires by Temperature-and Time-Resolved Spectroscopy,J.Phys.Chem.C,Accepted,2015.

Magneticfield in duced extraordinary photo luminescence enhancement in Er3+:YVO4 single crystal,J.Appl.Phys.,118,083101,2015.

High magnetic field and temperature tuning of up-conversion luminescence in Mn2+-doped(Er3+/Yb3+):NaYF4,J.Appl.Phys.,117,083903,2015.

Hidden local symmetry of Eu3+in xenotime-like crystals revealed by high magnetic fields,J.Appl.Phys.,117,055902,2015.

Plasmon resonance enhanced large third-order optical nonlinearity and ultrafast optical response in Aunanobi pyramids,Appl.Phys.Lett.,105,061903,2014.

Lanthanide dopedna no particles as remote sensors for magnetic fields,Nanoscale,6,11002,2014.

Near field enhanced photo current generation in P-typedye-sensitized solar cells,Sci.Rep.,4,3961,2014.

Absorption induced photo luminescence intensity modulation of Er3+:YVO4 single crystal under pulsed high magnetic field,J.Lumin.,144,53,2013.

Magnetic field induced great photo luminescence enhancement in an Er3+:YVO4 single crystal used for high magnetic field calibration,Opt.Lett.38,3754,2013.

Dipole plasm on resonance induced large third-order optical nonlinearity of Autri angular nanoprism in infrared region,Opt.Express,21,17568,2013.

Ultrafast Third-Order Optical Nonlinearity in Au Triangular Nanoprism with Strong Dipole and Quadrupole Plasmon Resonance,J.Phys.Chem.C,117,20127,2013.

The influence of high magnetic field on electric-dipole emission spectra of Eu3+in different single crystals,J.Mater.Chem.C,1,7608,2013.

Difference frequency generation in AlGaAsBragg reflection wave guides,Opt.Lett.,35,2334(2010).

Highly efficient avalanche multiphoto nluminescence from coupled Aunanowires invisible region,Nano Lett.7,723(2007)

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