Associate Professor

Phone: (027)87792334-8022


Academic Areas: Bulk amorphous alloy;Light metal electromagnetic forming

Research Interests:

Academic Degrees

PhD in Materials Science and Engineering  2008         Huazhong University of Science & Technology(HUST) Mineralogy           2004         China University of Geosciences

B.E. in Gemology               2000         China University of Geosciences

Professional Experience

Associate Professor       2015~present        Wuhan National High Magnetic Field Center,HUST,

Lecture           2012-2015          WuhanNationalHighMagneticFieldCenter,HUST,

Postdoctoral Researcher          2008-2012        School of Mechanical Science & Engineering,HUST

Postdoctoral Research Fellow  2009-2011    Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering,Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Selected Publications

Viscous flow during spark plasma sintering of Ti-based metallic glassy powders.Journal of Alloys and Compounds,557(2013)98-101

Tribological characterization of Zr-based bulk metallic glass in simulated physiological media.Philosophical Magazine,91(2011)3705-3715

Enhancement of plasticity and toughness in monolithic Zr-based bulk Metallic glass by heterogeneous microstructure.Scripta Materialia,64(2011)609-612

Deformation behavior of Zr55.9 Cu18.6Ta8Al7.5Ni10 bulk metallic glass matrix composite in the supercooled liquid region.Intermetallics,15(2007)500-505

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