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Email: yilianglv@mail.hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: pulsed high magnetic field technology and its application

Research Interests:

Academic Degrees

2007.09~2013.03     PhD in Electrical & Electronic Engineering         School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,Huazhong University of Science & Technology(HUST)

2003.09~2007.07    BS in Electrical & Electronic Engineering            School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,Huazhong University of Science & Technology(HUST)

Professional Experience

2013.03~present        Wuhan National High Magnetic Field Center and School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,HUST,Lecturer

Selected Publications

Yiliang Lv,Guobin Wang,LiangLi.Post-assembly magnetization of a 100kW highspeed permanent magnetrotor.Review of Scientific Instruments,2015,86(3):34706

Yiliang Lv,TaoPeng,GuobinWang,Tonghai Ding,Houxiu Xiao,YuanPan,LiangLi.Fabrication and Test of a 40TLong-Pulse Magnet Driven by Battery Bank.Applied Superconductivity,IEEE Transactions on,2014,24(3):4300204

Yiliang Lv,TaoPeng,Guobin Wang,Tonghai Ding,Xiaotao Han,YuanPan,LiangLi.Magnet Design and Analysis of a 40Tesla Long Pulse System Energized by a Battery Bank.Journal of Low Temperature Physics,2013,170(5-6):475~480

Yiliang Lv,LiQiu,Shiluo Zhang,Yaping Tang,LiangLi.25kV/40k A Protection Inductor for Capacitor Bank of the Wuhan Pulsed High Magnetic Field Facility.Applied Superconductivity,IEEE Transactions on,2010,20(3):1211~1214

Houxiu Xiao,YueMa,Yiliang Lv,Tonghai Ding,SongZhang,FeiHu,LiangLi,YuanPan.Development of a High-Stability Flat-Top Pulsed Magnetic Field Facility.Power Electronics,IEEE Transactions on,2014,29(9):4532~4537

GuobinWang,Yiliang Lv,Houxiu Xiao,LiangLi.Design and Test of a Long-Pulse Large Current Sensor With a Hall Probe Installed Inside.Applied Superconductivity,IEEE Transactions on,2014,24(3):9001804

Tonghai Ding,Yiliang Lv,Jinxiang Tang,XuanChen,Xiaoyi Chen,LiangLi,YuanPan.The Design and Tests of Battery Power Supply System for Pulsed Flat-Top Magnets in WHMFC.Journal of Low Temperature Physics, 2013,170(5-6):481~487

LiQiu,Xiaotao Han,TaoPeng,Hongfa Ding,Qi Xiong,Zhongyu Zhou,Chengxi Jiang,Yiliang Lv,LiangLi.Design and Experiments of a High Field Electromagnetic Forming System.Applied Superconductivity,IEEE Transactions on,2012,22(3):3700504

LiangLi,TaoPeng,HongfaDing,XiaotaoHan,TonghaiDing,LiQiu,YiliangLv,YunxingSong,XianzhongDuan,FritzHerlach,YuanPan.The Development of High Performance Pulsed Magnets of the Prototype Facility of WHMFC.Applied Superconductivity,IEEE Transactions on,2010,20(3):676~679

LiQiu,YiliangLv,LiL.Finite Element Analysis for Stress and Magnetic Field of a 40kA Protection Inductor.Applied Superconductivity,IEEE Transactionson,2010,20(3):1936~1939

Yunxing Song,TaoPeng,LiLiang.,Yiliang Lv,LiQiu.Electrical and Thermal Modeling of Pulsed Magnets Using Finite Element Analysis.Applied Superconductivity,IEEE Transactions on,2010,20(3):1785~1789

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