Ⅰ. Program Objectives

Facing the areas of power system, electrical equipment manufacture and electrical scientific research, with solid background of mathematics and physics as well as specialized area in electrical engineering, with self-dependent study capability and international vision, can do systematical analysis for complex engineering problems and provide reasonable solutions, with excellent sense of innovation; reflecting strong capabilities of communication, team-work and leadership in engineering practice; with right view of life, strong social responsibility and excellent humanistic quality.

Ⅱ. Learning Outcomes

Through the study in this program, graduates should be with the following knowledge and capability:

Graduation requirement 1: With the fundamental and special knowledge of mathematics, natural science and electrical engineering, which can be utilized in discovering, expressing and analyzing the related complex problems in power system, electrical equipment manufacture and electrical scientific research.

Graduation requirement 2: With the capability of comprehensive engineering practice including modeling, designing, doing experiment and research on the complex engineering problems related to electrical engineering, with innovative sense.

Graduation requirement 3: With proficient mastery of information technical tools, with the capability of collecting, searching, reading and analyzing information; with proficient mastery of modern engineering tools, can simulate the complex engineering problems related to electrical engineering, with the capability of evaluating and optimizing the solutions and results and showing the innovative capability.

Graduation requirement 4: With the capability of understanding the tendency of the discipline front, paying attention to the new theory, new methods and new technologies in the cross-areas with other disciplines, with international vision and global sense.

Graduation requirement 5: Understanding the policy and law of the national long-term development in the related industry, with right cognition and evaluation of the influence of engineering practice on environment, society, health, security and culture, keeping sustainable and harmonious development with society and environment.

Graduation requirement 6: With good humanistic quality and social responsibility, understanding and following the professional ethics.

Graduation requirement 7: With open and comprehensive attitude, can communicate and share actively, with team-work capability and leadership, with at least one fluent foreign language, with strong writing and oral expression capability.

Graduation requirement 8: Keeping curious and ambitious for advancement, with capability of  self-dependent study and continuous updating core knowledge, can work effectively in different and multi-disciplinary environment, adaptive to disciplinary and professional development tendency.