Basic requirements:

Applicants should be under the age of 35 and obtain a PhD degree for no more than 3 years, excellent in character and learning and health in good condition. Applicants should be law-abiding, up-and-coming with teamwork spirit.

Terms of employment:

The period of employment is 2-3 years, excellent candidates can be reappointed.


Yearly salary will be no less than 180,000 yuan (Before tax, unlimited, negotiable. For those who are not admitted in post-doctoral apartments, 1000 yuan / month rent subsidy is offered. Applicants who obtain a doctoral degree in the world's top 100 universities and get outstanding scientific achievements during the doctoral period can apply for national "postdoctoral exchange program" to introduce project funds, the basic annual salary will be 300,000 yuan(before tax).

Other treatment:

The preferential treatment in sending children into the kindergarten, school entry, reward, public health care, social medical insurance and other social insurance will be offered.

Visiting campus